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Passing controls

Expanding the passing to include a throw parabola & a receiver locking mechanism that allows you to throw around the receiver, depending on your throw accuracy/power etc.

Also changing the throw “mover” to the left stick & using the right stick to move around in the pocket. As well as releasing L2/left trigger and becoming a runner & losing throw accuracy


  • I've been wanting to write ea about have the passing like the kicking with the red for bullet and blue lines for lob, you could circle with the icons but have left trigger for lob , left button for bullet, move from receiver with icons, but still be able to move around qb, also like kicking, weather or crowd(ncaa) could shake or make some throws hard to make
  • and on the red/blue lines it would be the same if you didn't move the left thumb control would hit receiver in the numbers, like it does now,but with total control passing and be able to move the qb
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