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Missing pennants from CU 110 smith

I had collected and added 60 pennants to the Campus University set for 115 OVR Smith... this morning they were all gone? I wrote Tech Support and they were very quick to respond and said this:

Banzai, having reviewed your issue, I came to know that you are facing some bug in Madden NFL Mobile. I know this can be upsetting for you. I really appreciate your feedback towards the game. I will make sure to forward the same to our concern department.

It is sad that we at customer experience, can only help with issues in the game itself, we cannot make changes or correct game bugs. You can however report this at the official forums, so that the moderators and Game experts can take a note of it and investigate this further.

Further, please post your query on the official forums at:


Believe me, the moderator team is however collecting data from the community and are examining solutions if they determine enough customers have the problem and the problem is technically addressable with a patch, or if a work around is possible.

Anybody else have this issue? It sucks because I had spent hours getting to there....


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