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Centurion Pack doesn't seem to be worth it

Does anyone else feel like this pack is way out of touch with the current status of madden mobile?


  • I think the Now and later mega pack has more value. Not only is it guaranteed 9 100+ overalls, it will also give rewards for the release of madden overdrive.
    Moderator and AHQ Hero.
  • Do you think the 9 100+ cards are even worth it though? I mean right now 115s are questionable. Every team is 125+ so from what I see is 9 100+ cards are either training points or just a little coin.
  • Yeah I can see your point, most teams are very stacked these days. But the pack will help you for overdrive, which might be motivation to purchase it. You could also use the 9 100+ cards for the NFL Bosses sets and work your way toward a 120 overall boss, which could help your team a lot. In terms of packs that are in the store right now, i think that pack has the most value.
    Moderator and AHQ Hero.
  • Nohing this late in the season is worth it because the players dont carry over to next season. If EA would allow a 1 offense and 1 defense carryover then all these packs end of season would be worth taking a look at. Otherwise save for next season because you know in a month these packs now will be heavier woth stuff next season.
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