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Will my A.I. ever react the same as the CPU A.I.?

It's the same complaint every year. The CPU throws to covered receivers and my A.I. defenders slide out of the way. However I throw to open receivers and the CPU defenders super turbo speed into position. I'd love a game of football where I can actually learn from the CPU and say "Oh wow, that was a great play, I see how I'm supposed to do that." But no... The game is soooooo different from how my players react vs the CPU players. Their defenders run my receivers routes and are always in position, where as mine stop, look around, and then realize they've been burned by 20 yards before they start to follow the receiver. New year, same rant.


  • It's downright hilarious how wide open CPU players are when they run a curl route. Yet I haven't even attempted a curl route in 5 years. Lol. The CPU defenders curl before my receivers do. The disparity between CPU and player A.I. is horrendous.
  • Running into this same issue. The teleporting pass defenders are making my game unplayable due to the teams I am playing in my franchise mode. Couple that with receivers (who are supposedly overall 90+) that stop running routes while the ball is in the air, can't seem to catch in 1v1 scenarios, and it's a nice combination of frustration. Looks like I don't have to decide whether or not to renew origin premier for this game, it made the decision for me.
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