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I don't understand how this game has so many injuries when the factory setting is at 40%. I'm getting a player hurt notice every other play...and I've only played 3 games? Wth


  • Just want to put this out their. I played my first season game and at the end of it I had a total of 12 key injuries..... I mean seriously it was like every play one of my players went done in madden 19 and the computer had no one get injured it was ridiculous! Other than that I am really enjoying the game!
  • That's what sliders are for.
  • Cutchall11 wrote: »
    That's what sliders are for.

    Unfortunately he us right. Even with the sliders down as low as they can go without turning injury off, the rate is very high. I lose most of my defensive and offensive line every year
  • NatureBoy2323
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    Injuries have seem high to me since Madden 18. I remember in my CFM last year, I had what I thought was an unusually high number of injuries.
  • nfl is like that tho guys go down every game teams are riddled with injury's every year
  • sargentpickle5
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    NFL is not like that DaChiBears54. Name one nfl team that has 12 starting lineup players injuried in one game?

    The fact is you can’t even adjust the sliders to zero injuries. You will still get injured. The sliders don’t fix the problem.

    You draft or trade for a player that’s supposed to be a star on your team and you simply can’t use them for 8 weeks while they recover from an high ankle sprain. The high level of injuries are not realistic and is a hinderance to enjoyable gameplay.
  • there are custom slider sets you can find online. i've been using somebody's slider set from Operation Sports that adjusts all sliders, not just injuries, and while playing 15 minute quarters I haven't been able to complain.

    Yes, I've had some starters go down. I had Lynch, Penn, Richard and Nelson out at the same time at one point, but for the most part I'll have multiple injuries throughout a game but only 1-2 that go beyond the end of the game. Which I've appreciated. Having guys go down for the game has forced me to adjust to the replacements seeing as I've been playing full games. Having a starter go out for a game with default time is nowhere near as brutal as having a guy go down for 3x the snaps and having to adjust.

    It's also been refreshing playing full games with key starters out.

    From the looks of it the sliders outside of injuries have effected how often injuries happen. They've also seemed to dictate the kinds of animations that take place. The set I'm using has actually manipulated the game enough to where the action on the field closely mimmicks real life football. Interactions feel more fluid than when using out the box settings.

    My best advice would be to tinker around with settings yourself or do some trial and error with custom sliders others have put together. It takes a little time to find something that fits your playing style, but once you find that mix that makes the game more balanced for you you'll never want to go back to default settings.

    It's one of the best parts about Madden. Being able to steer away from Pro, All-Pro and All-Madden and create difficulties that suit each of us. There are even custom roster edits out there that adjust players traits so they play more like themselves and less like super heroes.

    Hope I was helpful. Happy gaming!
  • I am 5 games into my franchise and I have injury set to 25 and I have had 2-3 player injuries every game and the average time that the players will miss is 3-5 weeks not good at all EA please fix soon.
  • I had 2 of my 3 rbs injured in one game, out for 4-6 games. I signed another from free agency and he was injured for the season his first game. What happens if my one and only RB gets injured the next game? I can't sub anyone else at that position... Would it break the game or is my last RB immune from injury? I'm curious about this...
  • I’m still looking for that sweet spot. It is somewhere between 15-20 for the sliders. I’m actually adjusting it 1 point at a time

    But I thought simulation mode meant they play towards their ratings.
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