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Looking for MUT games with PC GAMERS

Anyone up for some MUT?


  • Looking to do some games i don't care if you are good or not i play for fun im looking for some friends to play with online please add me on Origin- Demonik21 or message me private thank you
  • Been looking for a team for 8 days now and im stuck waiting forever to get one game i still have not played.... Please add me if you are on Origin * Demonik21 * or message me if you want to play teams
  • Please Add Me Been Looking For Days Now
  • lots of people been playing MUT on PC for a few days now.
  • I have not found one game yet
  • I'm having the same issue on PC. I've been playing for a week now and have yet to find a MUT Squads match.
  • EA_Roger
    1483 posts EA Community Manager
    @Demonik21 & @Cutchall11 ,

    You should be able to play online without having any friends on your list as per @dirty_toni. Can you let us know what game modes you are trying to play and if you are getting an error as well?

  • Mut Squads 3 vs 3 i waited 20 mins for 1 game and i can't find 1 game unless i go to the leaderboards and add a bunch of people i don't know i want to grind and play but im getting close to asking a refund im not getting what i paid for
  • I can't find games at all! Im about to ask for a full refund im not getting what i paid for AT ALL! I been giving some time for fixes i been throwing my name out there for friends to add on PC but clearly this game was not ready for launch. I should be a level 50 right now.... Instead im waiting 20-30 mins to have a match up where in consoles they find a game in 1-2 mins.... Not acceptable guys.....
  • Honestly the game just came back to PC so that's not too surprising. There was always a larger number of console players and the decade+ that EA refused a PC release didn't do PC users any favors to be quite honest. There just aren't that many people playing Madden on PC right now. Probably won't be for at least 2-3 Madden releases. Once the next gen consoles release people will be able to make a decision on nabbing the next-gen console or just upgrading their PC for the next-gen games as more and more console-only games come to (or back) to PC.
  • Be patient. I think it will take some time. Once people realize how good of a deal EA Origin Access Premier is, it might draw some players to madden. Honestly, EA needs to market that better. Plus, I had no idea that I was getting the HOF edition with Origin Access Premier. They shoujld advertise that. You're getting a game that would normally cost you $75 for $99 in addition to all other Origin games. Why would you not do that? I can personally say that I love Madden on the PC. I can still use an xbox controller (something that EA needs to remind everybody) but still take advantage of some of the high end graphic options and ultra wide monitors. Honestly, I think they've done a good job too. I've been playing for almost 10 days now and I've had no crashes or errors.

    The marketplace is sure frustrating, but I have hope that it will pick up some steam.
  • I just want people to add so i can get the John Madden Card i want to get it done before new solos come out
  • Go onto discord there is a lot of Madden players on it.
  • Kinda new to discord would not know where to look it up
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