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Why is madden so dark?

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Anyone else experiencing a darker than normal madden? I’ve adjusted the contrast settings but the game is still usually dark..


  • I went through about 3 hours of adjust my monitor, video settings, video card (playing PC version) and I could fix it. Played through numerous challenges and came across some challenges during the middle of the day in an open stadium and it was bright. Lighting impacts the game very heavily. Neat effect, but I think the dark is a little too dark and ruins the beautiful graphics, but it's not broken. Perhaps EA will add in some kind of lighting setting to turn that option off.
  • EA_David
    307 posts EA Community Manager
    Can you post a screenshot of how it looks on your system? I want to compare them to our version of the game and check in case it's darker for some folks than it should be.

  • my screen seems darker also
  • This is bad this is really too dark I've adjusted everything and it is still to dark. I hope they address this issue.
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