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Rating Changes

I’m new to the Madden and MUT experience and so far it’s addicting. I’m curious in the auction house section why the same player is purchased for different amounts? Also, do your player ratings change throughout the year if you don’t upgrade them?


  • The ratings start low at the beginning of the season to give room to add more variations and promo editions (Ie. team of the week, most feared, the Christmas promo, playoff promo, Super Bowl promo, Easter, ultimate legends). It’s just so EA can keep the cash cow alive.
  • So the "live series" cards if you will will not change depending on their play during the season?
  • That is correct. They do team of the week where the take the players who had good performances that week and give them upgraded cards that you can put into sets for that weeks hero. It would be awesome if they did like MLB: The Show and the cards fluctuated depending on how they play but that wouldn’t drive sales of packs from people hoping to pull the new cards.
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