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Madden rewads code for free game not working in Norway/Europe

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I received a code for a free madden, but the code does not work in Norway/Europe. I've tried to contact the EA chat 6 times! The last advisory told me to "Please post it on the forums our studio team will check it and revert it back on that thread"

I’ve talked to 6 different EA advisers about my problem with my madden 19 code, with a lot of different answers. I’m therefore give you a quick summary about my case, problem, and communication with EA and playstation. Hopefully someone at EA takes the the time to read this and have a solution. If anyone from EA is reading this: my case number is #42564188. Mye PSN-id is Sjakkjonis.

On Wednesday August 1st I was one of the lucky ones that got a code for a free Madden 19 on PS4 with early access as part of the madden rewards system. The code came from [email protected], and screenshots is attatched to the chat/case. I felt like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to play before the rest, be ahead in teambuilding and get a good oppurtunity to be the first to get the mut master maxed out (I was nr. 7 last year wit no early access). If the code had worked i would have build up a coin stack of millions at this point, and invested in game while prices was raising.

I then cancelled my pre-order of the hof edition to put in the code, but the code did not work. When trying to use it on PlayStation I got the error code wc-40376-0. Googling this error code tells met that the code can not be used in my region/country (I live in Norway).

I then contacted the EA chat. support rep told me that this was a known problem and many other players had also contacted EA about codes that did not work. I waited to the next day and tried again. I talked to another rep that told met that the problem was that the game was not released yet. I told him that the code should give me early access, and that it was working for many others, but he ignored that and closed the chat. I then talked to another rep right away (since i knew the last rep was wrong). She was much more helpful, but told met that it was a known problem and the only solution was to wait. At least she confirmed that the code was supposed to give me early access to the game.

After waiting a few days I tried again and a support staff member told me that it was a known problem with the codes, and EA was working on some goodwill to the players with broken codes, but Playstation was the only one that could fix problems with region block and send out new codes.I told him that EA should contact Playstation to fix it then, but he just ignored that. I then e-mailed playstation, but they told me: «Since Madden 19 is not our game we can’t give a new code as we don’t produce them. This means that the only one that can help you is EA who are the game developer».

In my 5th chat with EA i then og a horrible experience with another rep as he clearly did not know anything abuot the madden rewards system and the free codes. During the whole chat he claimed that EA never sent out any codes for free game, only for betas. This is clearly wrong. I know many players that have gott hem to work, and my talks with the first 4 EA advisors also confirmed this many times. I attatched the e-mail to the chat but he claimed i should just ignore the e-mail since, as he wrongly claimed, EA had not sent out any e-mails. He also claimed the e-mail was not clear about a free game, but «Thank you for being a valued member of Madden Rewards and enjoy this PS4 digital copy of Madden NFL 19 on us!» is pretty clear. This can not be misunderstood, and i’m not going to ignore the e-mail as it offers me a free game!

Yesterday i tried the game at a friends PlayStation (he had bought the game earlier, DID NOT use my code!) and logged in with my PSN-ID and started my Ultimate team.
Today I talked to a support rep. She then claimed that i already must have gotten the code to work since she could se that i had a ultimate team. She did not understand the situation with creating different teams on the same game/PS4, and told me to post it in the forum instead.

Now i’m posting my problem and hoping you can find me a solution. At this point i really just want the code to work. I have lost the once in a lifetime opportunity to get early access, and for every day that goes on i’m falling behind. What was supposed to give me a great advantage is instead turning out to be a nightmare…

I just want my code to work in Norway (Europe)...

Removed EA staff name. - EA_Cian
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    Hey there!

    I get this is super frustrating for you but please don't namedrop the various support reps in your posts. The forums also aren't the channel to try and resolve this issue, so I'm not sure what to tell ya. Sorry about that. I am going to close this thread now and would suggest trying to contact support again if you still need help.
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