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A couple of questions regarding the game settings.

Hey guys, i'm a pc player (last madden i played was 08) so i have a couple of questions regarding the game settings:
  1. What option do you guys recommend for a quarter length setting? Do you play with default one (6 mins) or is it recommended to change it?
  2. I read that it's possible to enable nfl films music in game (i was actually surprised music generally sucks in this madden). I found the music menu but there're only a few orchestra tracks and clearly no nfl classics. So do we really have a bunch of rap and some unknown orchestra in this madden? Maybe there's a chance developers will add it later or is it way too optimistic?
  3. Are there any other settings which do you recommend to change from default?

Also, i've completed all the practice drills and so far played just 1 game but in this game i was confused about spiking the ball mechanic. I pressed the button (backspace on PC) which was highlighted to make a spike but instead of that my offense ran some random play. Am i missing something?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


  • I play full 15 minute quarters, mainly to make sure my stats aren't far below that of the rest of the league.

    I disagree with you on the music, I like the music in the game.

    Yeah, you probably want to tweak the sliders to make the game more realistic. There are lots of different theories on how to best do that. I recommend checking out the forums at www.muthead.com, they have a lot of great posts about how to tweak them to get the most realistic/fun outcome, depending on how you play.


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