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Bugs and glitches


  • Also this center run blocking issue is for PS4 on Madden 19
  • DEFENSIVE CAMERA POV (Franchise Mode) - this this a bug? It gives the option in the camera options (visual feedback), but doesn't work
  • Seriously EA? Every year you feed Us a worse Game Experience and try to convince us it's a realistic experience. the Defence of EVERY Team is like All Madden. It's just a Hit Stick (every hit, really?) Tip and Pick Fest. This Game is the worst in the Series so far. AWFUL!
  • mrmulldog
    4 posts New member
    I have no kick aim line, cant user assist on defense and cant highlight routes in play art

    Feel like ive tried everyrhing in settings, to no avail

    Suggestions welcomed
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGX7vERPCjg

    This is in franchise mode....count how many times the center hikes the ball and just takes off running with it......a 80 heard penalty one of those plays.....QB roll outs and the QB just keeps running..won't get in position for a throw......every year we are told franchise is a priority......do you all have a Quality Assurance department? If so, the person who approved this should be fired.....come on EA
  • Game is now unplayable.

    In just three weeks in my franchise i have experienced countless idiotic bugs and "glitches" that are not gamebreaking so much as just annoyances that ruin the immersion experience. Most of them have already been posted so i wont dive in there.

    But now i have uncovered a bug that renders this game at best unplayable at worst a laughingstock.

    Cpu reciever drops ball in corner of the endzone... ill repeat... DROPS the ball. Does not even remotely catch it. Called td... nothing to review.... i made a video with my phone.

    Worst thing i have seen in madden (i only play franchise) ever.. at least in modern times.

    I have had madden since it came out. I have bought it every year. Every year always has in quirks but this version is straight up unplayable.

    Also i want to point out that i set the cpu run blocking to 80 on allpro and as of week three my defense has given up a whopping 20 yards with the bears. You guys have effectively coded madden into a one dimentional game for the ai. At least it looks like you have 'fixed' the ai ball carriers running 10 yards sideways out of bounds... but then somehow managed to break rb screen passes...

    Game is broken and unplayable.
  • So far..
    1. RB is tackled and gets back up and keeps running all the way down the field
    2. DB continues to do side steps after a play all the way down the field
    3. Depth Chart issue. Starting RB is set but the 3rd stringer starts over him no matter how it’s set
    4. QB runs out of bounds..is 3 yards out and gets hitsticked and no flag.
    5. D tackling is more violent than the NFL allows these days
  • So far my biggest problem is major screen tearing and stuttering in full screen regardless of resolution or graphics options (vsynch on or off). Windowed mode is fine.
  • johnryanb wrote: »
    Please tell me "No arrow" on all-madden is a glitch they can fix.

    I agree.
  • *Improper pronunciation of Tyrod Taylor, it's tuh-ROD, not TIE-rod.
    * An encroachment penalty resulted in a first down, but the ref said "Automatic First Down". Encroachment penalties are not automatic first downs.
  • Does anyone from EA want to even pretend to care that there are dozens (if not hundreds) of bugs that their customers are complaining about? I mean, you could at least pretend we matter to you.
  • On the kickoff just now, all of my players ran back to our end zone and only went after the ball carrier after touching the end zone. Why?
  • csuperman7
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    edited August 2018
    I was playing a game in CFM and my internet connection dropped. The game saved at the point of the drop, which is awesome. A minor bug on returning, the uniforms defaulted to standard, rather than the "Color Rush" that I was using. Not a huge deal, but figured you should be made aware of it. Also, the cameras changed to "Standard" away from what I had set and my default in options.
  • None of the players on the sidelines have names on their jerseys. They do magically appear when the enter the field, but if they are just standing on the sidelines, the name disappears.
  • mae4730
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    edited August 2018
    Yeahhh some of this stuff is RIDICULOUS!! Here is what I've seen: (I only play head to head online on PS4)

    1. Middle LB makes an interception over the middle. After catching the ball I can't run because he's jumping up and down for no reason.

    2. How ridiculously long it takes for a runner whether it's the RB or Punter Returner to get to full speed.

    3. Out patterns get overthrown too frequently out of bounds. I've this happen on 3 consecutive plays.


    5. Tipped balls near one end zone sometime fly way back to the other end zone.

    6. Defensive player (CB/LB or CB/DE) fused together at line of scrimmage.

    7. No notification of injuries.

    8. Power RB hit stick does not work. Needs to be fixed.

    9. Players standing still twitching after being tackled or when they are trying to line up and the scrimmage line.

    10. Play selections pop-up when trying to see the replay of a TD or celebration.

    That's all for now... I'm sure there is more... Please see #4 PLEASE
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  • i havent experienced any bugs other than an occasional screen ripple in the video but its very infrequent and i have everything on the graphics set to high and rendering on ultra 1080p resolution nividia 970 graphics 8gig ram asus gaming computer I5 processor and it runs almost flawlessly and looks amazing
  • mae4730
    5 posts New member
    Just thought of a couple more issues that are troubling...

    1. Pre-snap manual flipping of a defensive play half the time don't work. I have to attempt it twice for it to work. Putting my people out of position before the ball is snapped.
    2. Graphics for kick-off selection sometime show up correctly but most times don't.
  • Diving when in defensive camera has you dive in the opposite direction of what you're facing (as if you were using offensive camera). So I can't dive on defense, which admittedly makes the game more difficult.
  • one bug i have found cant re-spot ball in practice mode unless i am not doing something right
  • csuperman7 wrote: »
    *Intentional grounding doesn't work. (this has been an issue for at least 3 years)
    *Hail Mary Trips is a suggested play for 1st and Goal from the 2.
    *At half time, you sometimes switch end zones, sometimes you don't.
    *Every turnover returned for a TD causes you to switch end zones.
    *Sometimes box score doesn't work properly. For example, one time at the beginning for the 4th it was 17-0, I had scored 7 in the 1st and 7 in the 2nd. I also had a FG in the 3rd, but it said 0.
    *If you fumble a ball in the last 2 minutes of a half, all timeouts disappear, sometimes.
    *If you restart an MUT Solo Challenge, neither team has timeouts.
    *Sometimes the ball can bounce twice on a forward pass and be picked up and considered a complete catch.
    *The referees signal a touchback on most kickoffs and punts, regardless of if there is a touchback or not (this was an issue last year too)
    *On kickoff and punt returns the AI player will catch the ball and wait one second before moving.
    *On tipped passes, the offensive players tend to run away from the ball, while the defensive players all huddle in one area and continue to swat the ball. (sort of like Zach's #1)
    *Zach's #2 point about kicking fumbles 10-30 yards down the field and no one picking them up.
    *Drive stats are often wrong. One time I scored a TD on -4 plays for -13 yards. Another time, I scored a TD with 0:-4 yards (whatever that means). Also, very often when my QB comes onto the field, it says in my last drive that he had 37458 completions of 37458 attempts for 37458 yards on the last drive.
    *Graphics for snow still don't work well. You leave footprints, but if you roll on the ground, there are no marks, except wherever your feet would've been had they been on the ground.
    *People often line up inside each other on Defense.
    *As long as you tap 'X' when catching the ball, it usually doesn't matter if your feet actually land inbounds or not. As long as you use the mechanic and you're somewhat close, that counts.
    *Pass interference penalties aren't called when there's pass interference.
    *AI for defensive players is pretty bad, if they see the QB scrambling, they just stand there, guarding no one, until he's 5 yards past the line of scrimmage, then they go after him.
    *Announcers sometimes seem to be watching another game. Example, opening drive, I scored a TD. My next drive, the announcers say, the last 2 drives ended in an interception. Well, there was only one drive and it ended in a TD.
    *Some drive goals make no sense. Playing as the Browns, I get "Have Duke Johnson rush for his first career NFL TD". He got his first rushing TD in 2016 and had 4 in 2017, so I really can't get his first *career* TD unless we time travel.

    The new mechanics, such as running, work absolutely awesome, I'm a big fan of the improvements made. However, there are many bugs from last year still and things that were fixed in 18 from 17 that are back. I'm sure there are more that I've found that I'll add to this thread. @NatureBoy2323 , do you want video/pictures of all of these? I will try to get them next time they happen. I don't mean to be unpleasant with these, but some of us spend a lot of money on this game and I think everyone (even those people who don't spend money on microtransactions) deserve a game that's loyal to the NFL and the laws of physics. Maybe EA simply isn't aware of these bugs, so I'm hoping this will help.

    Thanks for making this thread!

    Online play is my issue. If you run hurry up the game is disabled. Meaning you cannot snap the ball, audible nothing. Just watch the time run down. The penalties are never called. Players are getting pushed off there routes no pass interference. @natureboy2323 answer this is the game going to call penalties online? The only thing they call is encroachment. Offsides. Nothing else. If not im not going trade it in. Just need to know so I dont waste time playing an arcade version of Madden.
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