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Ability to mute people in Online modes? PC

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One of my buddies on PC told me that this was an issue he was having. I thought I would post it here for maybe the dev's to see?

I don't think everyone wants to hear the other player all the time.
If this is already possible please inform me how.


  • no one ever talks so there’s no need for mute
  • I had a guy with an open mic
    it was great
  • I agree with OP, we need to have this. I like to play with friends and use discord to have comms. The ingame voice quality is bad at best so this is needed.
  • Has anyone found a way to mute players on pc? It's really frustrating when you are playing only to hear drunks people giggling and laughing for no apparent reason especially when you are trying to listen to background music. EA please fix this
  • I found it by accident, but I can't remember how to do it.

    I'd be more interested in being able to adjust all audio settings. For example, set voice chat device so I can run game though speaks and chat through headset. Allow me to control volume of each separately. I've played through a bunch of mut squads and couldn't hear anybody except my friend who was on discord with me. Could even hear him through the game unless he screamed, but even then, just barely.
  • Ok, so every time i get into an online match in MUT game mode i can hear the person who i am facing. The mic quality is not very good and most people are yelling at me and cursing as well as some having background noise. I have searched all the settings on origin and madden settings and cannot find how to mute people in online modes. I feel like adding a game chat volume setting in the menu would be pretty simple.
  • I am also having this problem. When I play an online game, the other players are blasting noise into their microphones and its terrible. I can't play the game online until this is fixed or implemented.
  • EA_Roger
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    Merging both topics together.

    Thanks for bringing this top our attention, I've collected all of the necessary information and sent it over to our dedicate teams. I apologize for this inconvenience, honestly I play online and I know that the in-game communications (especially with heavy breathers...) isn't the best.

    I've been looking around for workaround for you guys in the meantime, one redditor has opted with the following in the meantime:
    Madden uses Window’s default recording device in the sounds settings. Just change the default device in there and then manually set your microphone on Discord or whatever communication program you’re using.

    I'll keep you in the loop if there are any more updates on this.
  • Nevermind, you can only mute players in your party in squads. Not an overly useful feature. haha
  • they really need to add this soon.
  • this allows us to block other players how? I really don't want my kids hearing all that garbage out there
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