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Madden 20 Wishlist

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Figured I start now, please chime in if you have an idea I haven't put on...
This is not meant to criticize EA. I hope EA will look at this and see some good ideas that they can add in that everyone will like

- Be able to link up Spotify and upload your own songs instead of listening to the original madden playlist
- Add pregame scenery, like show people tailgating and cheering. Madden 11 did a good job on this.
- More excited commentators. These commentators simply don't get it done - if you score a touchdown or a big play they talk like they are watching two grandpas play golf. Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels were amazing in the older maddens.
- When creating a player, be able to zoom in on their face or any part of their body so you can see more clearly what you accessories you are putting on them.
- When you are an away team, have the crowd be a factor. I don't hear the difference in volumes compared when you are on defense and offense. Have your QB play worse if you are an away team.
- Be able to play the Probowl
- Bring back create a team
- Be able to keep track of your player card stats in MUT (Solos and Online)
- Post game press conferences on Create A Player in franchise. In Longshot, stuff you do effects people's view on you. Make it like this with your player.
- Turf Sleeves (For example look at Kamara)
- Have the option for your player to only wear hand warmers in the cold
- Be able to move your towel and hand warmer around your player. Not everyone wears their hand warmer in the front and not everyone has their towel on their right side. What if you want to be Peyton Manning and wear it in the middle?
- If its raining during your game, make it so that it stops raining at certain points then starts again. Not all rainy games in real life have rain for the whole game.
- Upgrade the news page on franchise, make it a team site instead or spice it up a bit and add power rankings or mock draft. The same old news page is boring and media is important for simulating realism in franchise.
- Realistic contracts in franchise. They are a little dry right now, have players hold off on deals and backout. Be able to set goals for your player so they get money triggers for fulfilling a milestone (Brady is under a contract like this at the moment)

That covers it for me. A lot of it is franchise oriented since I think it is the less deep gamemode. MUT is pretty solid at the moment. Hope you found this read interesting!



  • I like a lot of your ideas. The biggest thing I'd like to see is allow Franchise mode to start a week before the draft. So, when I get Madden 19, instead of starting in the Preseason, I can start right before the 2018 draft. By the time it comes out, EA already has the ability to use the names and likenesses of nearly everyone who was in the draft, so they could create the actual draft class, and then they could add randomly generated players too. This would allow us to begin the year having drafted the players we wanted rather than what happened in real life. This would just be a new starting point option, and people could still begin with Preseason, if they wanted.
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    It way too early guys to create a Wishlist for 20 when 19 has just been released. I'm going to close this up. Thanks for understanding and have a good day.
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