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EA Support told me to post this here

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Hi all,

Just got off the phone with EA Support. They told me to post this complaint on the forums.

I purchased an Origin Premier Subscription when I saw that Madden NFL 19 would include 50,000 MUT points. However, this was changed to coins after August 3rd. I have an original picture of what the advertisement included.

I would talk to support about this but they suggested I post it in the forums.

Any luck from you guys?


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  • Same here, I thought it was a great value and signed up for access premier even after purchasing the game out right. I should have known it was a mistake, much too generous for EA.
  • Glad to hear I'm not the only one KingAnthony. EA Support tried telling me I was the ONLY person who had this problem lol
  • EA_Roger
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    Hello @BirdieBoogie & @kinganthony1977

    Sorry about your experience with this, I can understand the appeal of 50 000 MUT points. In all honesty it's actually such a high amount that I'm assuming it would even impact the in-game economy. Unfortunately this was indeed a typo in the description for a short amount of time however we managed to rectify it in time before the release of the game. The players impacted by this did have a time window in which they were able to cancel their pre-order or request a refund.


  • I thought the same thing when I saw that, but, legally, I think EA is on solid ground. The value of 50,000 MUT points is nearly $500. If they claim that it was a typo, I think that any court would side with them that it is reasonable to assume that they were not giving you an extra $500. I'm not one to jump to EA's defense, but I think they're on pretty solid ground here. That would've been really nice though, I screenshotted it as well, just in case. ;)
  • hello,

    if you can please contact me as i have made 3 open cases now, and i went to check on the first one today and it says it was resolved and thats not true, after i filed for a form for ea i got a email saying they would contact me regarding me and my lost chems/training in madden 20 for my ps4, so i seen it closed so i opened another one and tried to explain it all again in the basic questions and spots on the form and im getting very upset and frustrated now as i waited patiently for about 5-6 days figuring your busy helping everyone and seeing hundreds if not thousands of mut people who is on a few youtubers that we all follow and each one has 75k+ followers but all i see and hear is how hundreds of people lost alot of abilities and training which i was on of those to lose alot at first and then there were the other half of the guys saying i didnt lose anything or i just lost evasive thats it and they got back 10k training and as everyone got there "supposedely correct "amount of training back and then half the people like myself were saying this is a joke and its not even close to enough, but there was a rumor that the second round of training will all be given out to FULLY correct the lost amounts for EVERYONE, so 10 minutes later dudes were jumping around all giggly like a lil school girl who got her first A in kindergarten saying and showing sharing how they got 5k +another 5k=for nothing, or just for losing evasive, and theres plentyyyyyyy of this going around, like i said hundredssssss of people got reimbursed for nothing or a simple minor error and got 10x-20x-50x more then what they should of, people had received 10k and then 10 mins later another 10k and the largest one that ive seen was 25k +25k given back to a person and just was super giddy like a pig in a pile of dog ****, you feel me ea? so im heated and pissssssssed off but im waiting as every week ea has had multiple weekly errors and mess ups which is pretty sad not to be prepared every week but this one so far takes "literally" the cake or you can say,takes the training. but im still here and havent complained nor **** calling in and blasting you guys on social media and on all the youtubers that im part of with like zirksee,gmais world, THE MAN CC, scomo, popular stranger,poodle, etc etc a bunch but my good core 5-6 of them which is over 1/2 a million mut people so were a big fam and try to get whats owed or best deals for us in our community. so when they first gave out the credits last week i got about 18k(joke, way to little of what i had and is owed to me BESIDES id like to be compensated as well a full good decent amount in training or packs please, as its very unfair that i take up alot of my time to grind and hustle and do all solos and stay on top of things and buy bundles almost on a weekly basis which i know im over a few thousand already on this game and its about a 1/4 of the way done. so i put alot of time work and money into all this and for it to be taken away and then told dont worry youll get it back and make ups ANDDDD to see and hear my mut friends getting 5,10,15,25k training and then in 10 mins its doubled for them when there laughing or theyve lost 1,2 things not dozens of things where its so difficult and hard to remember and add up actually what i had but im the type to hold on to players and dont get rid of them to save for possible power ups as you can see i had over 1100 cards in my binder last night which for me a mut single player, not a MUT youtuber where they get paid/donations w/e for opening packs and get certain cards to try out for the community. so over all this has been a huge loss and mix up 100000000% on ea's end and im still trying to cool and patient but def. want my training which im owed a MINIMUM OF 25K in training and thats not including the second part which should be to compensate me please for this huge errors and glitches, so thats 25k training plus i feel it should be a bunchhhhh of packs given to me OR just add on the second training amount please which honestly all i seen and heard and was shown people were getting the same amounts twice,which makes the second amount 25k also totaling 50k training, to me thats very fair as ive been cool quiet patient and waiting for someone to call me and fix this, but honestly id be happy with the 25k thats OWED to me and id be happy with getting half of that for the second compensation amount 12,500a to total amount owed to me would then be 37,500 training and thats just being fair i feel as meeting in the middle and then dropping this case and throwing it out and im happy and then can post what a great job you guys did and took care of me ( but i wont post any compensation training numbers as i dont think that would be fair for you guys who will then probably get bothered by all the people who got there 25-50k EXTRA FREE training last week and blew thru it already cause it was free and didnt need it at all, so please do the right thing and for me which is the right madden mut person as i would appreciate it and then would love to share the good times and comments and not hostile or shay **** ones if you know what i mean. but i checked my first case earlier today and it says it was closed ???? idk why so i filed and posted another one( which it really starts to add up and so frustrating and **** me off trying to explain and tell every person on the phone and every email, every madden forum etc etc the same ole long **** boring story, which is what i was told today when i had my 2nd AND 3rd case created i put down to have a call back to me since it was 2.5-3 hour wait, so ok then no biggie just have you guys call me when your free to go over this and have this resolved, so after about a 45 minute call give/take 10 mins, i was told that he cant assist me and he had asked and talked to the supervisor a few times and that theres nothing they can do to help me out, but i said why is my first case closed and says RESOLVED when nothing was done at all, and he said we'll it shows opened on his end, idk im getting even more lost and confused, so i said you cant help me and this is where we were all told to go to in the live video stream after this glitch happneed, so i know a tons of people had contacted the same email address which was HELP.EA.COM i think it was just off the top of my head but i emailed def the right place as it had the very few plain wide open questions, so im still on the phone with a gentleman who had a difficult name for me to remember and write down but he told me he nor anyone there can help me out and that i must google/open a computer browser and type in (posting something on madden forums ea) into the browser and to click on it and then look for the correct one which we couldnt get the same one and he was making it seem like it was my fault and getting a little snappy or short tempered at this time with me, which damn,immmmmm the one who got screwed out of money and lost things and stuff,so i continued to be polite saying yes,ok, thanks,please etc to him, so he just said that he'll email me with all the following steps, and i said what are these steps for and what do you want me to do now? as i said i filed 3 cases now and each time i try and explain and then have to explain on the phone and so on............ so i said why are you pushing me away i felt to someone else when we were all told this that this is the way you want us to do and send messages about this training/glitch error, so basically to wrap it up he tells me to find a forum that is for madden forum and to, once again, explain in detail what my whole issues and troubles are? now honestly that really feels and sound weird and dumb to do, i said you cant just forward the info you have from me already on the 3 open cases with all my info. and issues and contact info? he said no, so i said i have to go in a madden forum and write this huge long issue,complaint for everyone to see and what does that do and how does it resolve my status? he said that the madden supervisors are always in the forum and watching and waiting to see any issues and that they will contact you and fix it and give you all that owed training, so i said well how do i know who, what,where and when they actually read it and see it and get back to me by calling me or emailing me and also most importantly please give me that training that is owed and to make up so 37,500-50,000training is owed to me asap, he said dont worry about who or when or how they will contact you, that it will be seen and fixed asap, and i said that kinda doesnt make me feel good since my first case is stating its closed but now im asking a reasonable question, how long should it take to hear from someone and for this training to be deposited in account? i said to the guy should i wait 24,46,72 hours to give them time to look up ALLLLLL info and then to contact me? and he said theres no time frame put on this issues, he said they could contact you in 2 hours, by the way this is just getting beyond frustrating and **** me the F.....K OFF SO MUCH !! so i said what do i do if i dont hear from someone in 5-7 days? i said maybe it was overlooked or just missed or idk what else soes on,but i said i need to know if theres a supervisor on top of this to finally PLEASE just do this already and give me back my stuff or just the training so then i can just rebuy it all again, i mean i spent so many hours playing the game working on it grinding on it and stupid issues quickly wipe it out, and i know it can quickly be added and fixed giving me that owed training, if you can please help me out asap as to where im suppose to write this complaint,issues etc or can you just use this email or any of my 3 cases info open, all my contact info is there if needed, just i dont know where to spill my heart again for the 5,6,7 time when the info is here already, pleaee help me desperately just trying to get my training points 37500-50000 only to reuse it on your game again lol, no lose for you but a big lose for me,

    PHONE NUMBER 845 721 9858
    THIS IS FOR PS4 MADDEN 20, PSN- MILFHUNTER00 (THOSE ARE TWO ZERO'S AT THE END) JUST PLEASE send me this training as your exhausting me out over this stuff but i cant just forget about it as i know and see how people got 50k more and less for free which is my training that is owed to me. thanks and please call me or email me or best of all just give me the training owed to me and finally make it right and do the right thing pleaseeeeeeee, id love to wake up later on today and sign in and see my training added on that just will make my day and show that you do care,

    thanks again, call me if needed
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