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Where do screenshots go?

Simple. Where are my screenshots?

Took a couple pictures after the game was finished from an online franchise week 1 game. The game auto-saves pictures for you but you can go to replay and take some of your own so long as the play lets you view a replay. (you can probably do this mid-game of any play if you just paused and viewed replay and took the screenshot from there before continuing playing)

On the main screen after loading up the game, when I hover over the franchise menu option before selecting it but hovering over it it shows my screenshots. They appear large on the screen and the game cycles through them. So I know the game saved them somewhere. However, the more games in the franchise that I play the more the game auto-saves more and more images and it keeps adding to the list of ones it cycling between.

Can i view these pictures somewhere in game? To delete some?

Can i view these screenshots in a folder on my PC somewhere?
I googled this one it says go to Documents/Madden NFL 19/Screenshots but it's empty.

I play on PC, not console version, so is it a Origin thing maybe I'm not looking in the right places. Steam has a screenshots folder and makes it much easier to take and keep screenshots.


  • I uninstalled the game once I got the PS4 version, but you might also want to check Program Files(x86)/Origin Games/Madden NFL 19/... There may be a folder in there that saves screenshots. But yeah, I would imagine they would be in the Documents area, mine is also empty though.
  • Unless it's saved in game somehow without being able to locate the files at all. This is weird.
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