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New Rosters in Old Maddens

I love Madden 18. Well, most of it. I’d pay $20 to $30 to just update to the 2019 version rosters. Any thoughts on this?


  • Unfortunately it will never happen. Madden should never be a yearly release, the only reason it is, is so they can make $60 per copy. They would never do anything that would reduce sales of new games. Would it make customers happy? Absolutely. But they wouldn't make as much money. And that's all that matters... unfortunately for us loyal customers.
  • That’s a shame. As if they’re not rich enough already.
  • I’m not buying another until they actually improve franchise mode. Now I can download community draft classes so I have no need to buy next years madden. Can they put some effort into it? Not even updating the relocation cities, or player faces to choose from. It’s ALL the same as the last 3 years! So lazy...
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