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Injuries not occuring in CFM

Im in 2 different CFMs and no injuries to the user or cpu thru wk 8. Injuries are on. Any news if there is a bug?


  • Not that I know of. I play offline CFM and I had Trent Williams, Mason Foster hurt and just lost Samji Perine for the year.
  • I have injuries every other play. Most are minor, which is realistic I guess... But makes for a long game since there's a time out every other play.
  • Im now in wk 10 in one lg, and wk 4 in another and still no injuries to the cpu or users.
  • What system? Are you using sliders?
  • Ps4 i moved sliders up to 45, and still nothing
  • This is the opposite of my experience. I started up an offline Franchise last night on PS4 and had 10 injuries between my team and the CPU team in the first preseason game alone. Didn't change any injury settings or sliders at all.
  • My injury sliders are set on 14 and there seems to be enough injuries to get on my nerves. I found for me, anything higher than 20 results in an abdominal strain every 4th play.
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