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Flats coverage

Soooooo will the guys at EA evvvvvver fix this? In cover 2 the corners will almost always abandon their coverage and drop back like 10-15 yards and low and behold, there's someone wide open in flats! High key annoying. You will get that odd time where they do stay and jump a quick out for a pick 6, but most often than not, they are out of place and its been like this for yearrrrrrsssss.


  • I dont think they care avout gameplay tbh. So i would guess no, they will never fix it.
  • hibbadyskibbady
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    Sometimes they cover the flats in cover 2... When there's no one there and they abandon the mid/deep pass leaving the receiver wide open. I wish I could complete passes against zone like the CPU does. They find holes in the zone so easily, because my players don't react. I mainly play man to man and blitz a lot. Yet when I'm on offense, when my receiver is open vs zone, as soon as I throw the ball all the defenders immediately close in as soon as I hit the button. It's funny watching replays. As soon as the qbs arm goes back, they abandon the zone and go straight towards the intended receiver. The style of game the cpu plays is so different than the user has to play.
  • NyGmen4Lif3
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    Have you tried using the "Coverage adjustment" using ▲ or Y then right stick (don't know on PC)you can choose overtop (up) underneath(down) inside(right) outside (left). Depending what you want or if you want to go for the ball which be an INT which would be outside or inside which be focused on a tackle.

    IF a TE is getting the ball you got to send you LB out there via LB coverage or do it manually. a cover 2 or a cover 3 will not always work with just picking the play but need to be adjusted to what is happening. <--- this part wasn't clear
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