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Turn Off Pre Existing Injuries Setting

I have owned and played every Madden since the franchise came out in 1990. I have loved the franchise but there have been a few versions i didn’t care for as much as most others. This year i have some issues with the game, but none in almost 30 years as big as the decision made by EA to not allow users to turn off existing injuries in Exhibition, Play Now mode offline. ****?! Seriously?
I’m an Eagles fan that has waited a while to have a fun team to use again. Finally we got a QB that is great, and i can’t use him to play against friends!
I bought the game for Christmas and since Wentz was already hurt, i can not use him with current team ratings because this year the d idiom was made to eliminate that option. It makes no sense! Other forums talk about it making the game real. Then get rid of all the other game play options too and dictate game speed, etc.! If i was aware of this issue ahead of time, i would not have purchased this game this year. Even after the season is over, all of those players remain injured? How is that catering to the fans and customers?

If this issue does not change, i will no longer buy in to the Madden franchise! If I’m spending $70 on a video game, i want to be able to use that game the way i intend. If you pull that option, i will pull my revenue from you. I’m left with only that option after this...



  • I have been complaining about this issue all season I don't think EA cares about their customers it shouldn't be that complicated to give us the option to shut pre-existing injuries off in the option menu or do like NBA 2K does and let us edit each injured player or any player and take the injuries off of that player in the player editing mode or if you want to give them an injury you can do that too... but for sure you should be able to play with your favorite team and favorite players and not have them locked out because they're hurt it's ridiculous...
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    Some Madden players actually like that its like this in HTH. You do however have the option to turn of pre existing injuries in CFM and offline.
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