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Suggestion: Sporting League

Simple idea for us low skill players.

Allow H2H games where the rewards are lower than normal H2H league's/cup runs etc... but split the winnings 60/40.

Yes, I'm one of those people who are getting beaten a lot. However, in some of the games I've won, I've felt a bit guilty because the other players put up a good fight and it's often something such as a lucky interception or fumble that decides the game.

The winner takes all attitude just doesn't sit well with me when it comes to gaming for fun, and whilst the competitive side of the game should rewards good players and winning games, I think there's some room for lower rewards where sportsmanship is taken into consideration. It's quite difficult for the lesser gifted players (like myself) to throw ourselves into the highly competitive H2H games because it can be incredibly demoralising to constantly lose, especially when it's an AI decision that's gone against you.

Like I say, the rewards would be less that you'd get in a competitive H2H, but split 60/40.


  • I think this would be an excellent format for MUT Draft.....Even to have a pool of players/teams in an actual league, with an actual playoff bracket. It would be more appealing to all players I think to have a visible bracket in at least one MUT mode, rather than a random opponent being plucked out of the air.

    My team is an 84 OVR with my top 3 being 87s across. I've had "playoff" matchups against opponents with 83s across and more often than not, 90-91s across. Just makes it seem like the current divisional setup is moot and basically just a classification of possible rewards. Great idea though.
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