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This is horrible

I'm 38 years old and I can honestly say I bought the 1st madden on Sega Genesis when it came out 30 odd something years ago. What you have done to this game for mad 19? I can't even wrap my brain around it . The mechanics are completely wrong. Gameplay seems scripted as if a sack was already determined before the play same thing with interceptions same thing with broken tackles same thing with dropped passes. What have you done? Why in God's name is the pass blocking so atrocious. I experimented and made 2 tackles both with 99 RATING in everything and defensive ends both with ratings in the 50s and they went through the tackles like butter. What's the point of having a rating system if everybody sucks however if the computer is using them they're all, all stars? Fix this now or else I will make it my mission to expose how bad of a job you have been doing with this game the last few years.


  • I too.. bought the original Madden on Sega Genesis... I think it was around 90 or 91 tho. I have owned every one since. (wish I would've had the foresight to keep them all). I gotta say... I have not personally experienced all the bugs I'm reading about here... but some of the roster issues... specifically the updates and practice squad... are very disappointing. Otherwise... It's pretty great. Hopefully I won't run into some of the issues you guys have.
  • jjdwyer30
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    Well said Ryry. I am already starting on your last thought. Also, I have been posting and calling for over a year regarding playbook flaws and not one person from EA has even given me a reason as to why this can’t be fixed. So don’t get your hopes up on a solution.
  • Hey, not sure what level you play on but check out Matt’s sliders over on operation. I think He recommends CPU PBK at 10. He puts a lot of work into making this game playable. Not sure why sliders are necessary but oh well. Hope this helps
  • You heard it here 1st, I'm coining a new term the auto sack. This game has way too many auto sacks in it. it's definitely a scripted play and they need to update it out of the game
  • Game play is brutal, 2001 Madden had it right.....To many gimmicks and the cutscenes and replays are horrible....
  • This is the worst madden I've played, ever. still needs a lot of fixes.
  • jjdwyer30
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    I 100% agree, this is really bad. EA, please don’t tell us we have to wait another month for the next patch. This game is unplayable right now.

    Is there anyway you can put editable draft classes in Madden18? That is the only reason I bought the game this year. At least then I can play a game that works properly.
  • The problem with video game companies are Release dates. If the companies avoid those, they can focus on making the best game. Right now by placing a date on a title, the pressure to push back game content goes into this patch trash. Which even then only makes the game worst, because changes a Code that cant be fully tested. So it fixes the one or things and breaks other parts of the game. Gaming companies need to start talking about a game after they are finished with it, not before. Games like Madden, Live, 2K etc will sell rather they talk about it months before release or not. I would rather be surprised by a Game thats finished, then know about a game that will be half done by the release date and patch to death.
  • Stop holding onto the ball so long. I'm glad this isn't Madden 2006 anymore where people could just drop back 20 yards and still complete a pass 12-15 seconds into the play.

    Try stepping up into the pocket, too. More than ever with both passing and running you need to move to give your tackles and guards a chance to block. Watch closely tackles vs. ends this Thursday or Sunday, you'll see what happens if a QB drops back and moves outside or remains stationary rather than stepping up and delivering a pass. Same as if you are running, where you move determines whether or not the blocker in front of you is going to succeed.
  • You also need to read where the pressure is coming from and utilize the pre-snap blocking adjustments. ID the mic and shift your blocking as necessary. Pressure is a huge part of playing good defense. If you dislike all of this then play arcade mode on Pro I guess.
  • Um I'm doing all that you're suggesting, however ITS NOT WORKING. I've just out of sheer curiosity went with a 3 tight end set max protect, id'd the mike and varried the snap count. Of course had to turn off false start to do this. It's almost impossible to get anything above a two count. Still auto sacks occur. Now o-linemen wiff on blocks all the time, however due to the lack of contor of QB functionality at periods during the drop back are 🎃🎃🎃🎃 making it impossible to make a sound passing decision...
  • Let's not even get into the bugs I've seen so far. Far more than any other year.
    -player gets sack, however another player gets credit for it.
    -extreme slide stepping
    -anoying animation between play calling, not replays the EA 3D logo
    -why on all madden sim mode to my ball carriers get ran over 95% of the time. I mean clobbered no matter what the angle the defender is coming from. Especially the times when there clearly behind me but morph in front of me and make a momentum stopping hit. That defies physics.
    -holly 🎃🎃🎃🎃 in a 7min qtr game by 3rd qtr there were 11fmbls 3ints
    -to combat this I adjusted fumble slider to 0. Still happening...
  • I turned every cpu stat to zero. Still zero cpu run game and multiple fumbles and ints.
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