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  • Why is EA Madden team having such a hard time with rosters??

    After today's roster update, the practice squad players are still not on their teams and are free agents.

    I decided in order to finally start my franchise at preseason week 1 with current rosters (and practice squad players) like I have always done, I would just start signed each free agent PS player to their individual teams in the main menu.

    Now I am running into an issue where some PS players who are on PS's in the week 2 CFM roster aren't in the main menu free agent list (Bills WR Robert Foster) and when I try to sign players to some teams, it won't let me add them because it puts the team over the cap (chargers- Cardale Jones) Why is there a salary cap in the main menu roster? Especially one that limits you from adding PS players to their true teams?

    EA- can you please add PS players back to their teams in the main menu rosters??
  • Can my NINERS get some face scan love..A.Armstead..J.Tartt..G.Kettle..T.TaylorM.Goodwin. Too many high profile players without their face and high draft picks from years past. Ex..E.Thomas..X.Rhodes..M.Peters..L.Collins..D.Walker..G.Olson..V.Beasley and the list goes on. I once read EA scans over 300 players a year...so put them in.
  • can you please fix the pc audio game chat i dont want my mic to be on and i dont want to hear my opponents PLEASE FIX
  • Still haven’t put the defensive point of view camera back in for people playing defense. I only play defense and taking that out basicallly ruined the game for me and a bunch of others I know.
  • Please help, newbie in Madden 19 PC, even after new roster download Bears Khalil Mack still does not show up in Franchise mode Bears roster. Anyone, what am I doing wrong?
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    Clearly an improvement.
  • sunnyruins wrote: »
    Please help, newbie in Madden 19 PC, even after new roster download Bears Khalil Mack still does not show up in Franchise mode Bears roster. Anyone, what am I doing wrong?

    Make sure you have the updated roster loaded before you start a new connected franchise... and when it prompts you to choose either preseason 75 man roster or active roster... Choose active. If you also want your real practice squad guys you'll have to start the season in preseason and sign them from the free agent list. It recommends starting in regular season... But if you select "starting point" in the upper right of screen you can choose to start in preseason. When making your weekly cuts you can choose to place guys that are eligible on the practice squad and that will count the same as a cut toward your eventual 53 man roster.
  • (MUT) Please pitch me against opponents who are at least as bad as I am.

    I've had the game since release and have won a whole 5 games... In one of the games, the AI intercepted almost every one of my opponents passes, and I managed to run my Kick Return guy for two touchdowns (or pick six... I'm a noob).

    I felt terrible for this guy. He/She hadn't made any glaring mistakes, it's just felt like the AI controlling my team was cheating.

    Maybe the matchmaking system had decided I 'needed' a win to keep me interested in playing after a week of getting pummelled whilst I resisted buying MUT packs for cash!

    There's got to be some AI controlling the churn, otherwise the only people that would still be playing after a month would be the people who regularly drop cash on packs, or 'buy' their coin from gold farmers.
  • Why do rbs run sideways!!! It's my biggest complaint. I call a FB dive because the CPU kicked a perfect punt to my own 1 yard line, so I call a FB dive, and my FB runs sideways and gets a safety!!! There's 30 yards of open field infront of him. Goodness's gracious the language I wish I could use!!! Fix this one thing and it's great game!!!
  • Can someone please go in and fix the head coach of the Titans, its supposed to be Mike Vrabel and its not. Huge disappointment when loading the game and you have a random person as the head coach of your favorite team.
  • Can we really not get Sam Mills like or any panther legends like do y’all hate the panthers
  • I’m sorry but linebackers should not keep up with AB down the field without safety help
  • I would like an option in mut mode to jump right to next solo challenge, rather than finishing game, having to go back to challenge screen and starting another challenge. Being able to finish game, restart challenge, and next challenge at end would be the best!!
  • There is a problem where my ball carrier would get like 1 yard runs from forward progress but they would mark it as a loss of one because of where he was pushed back
  • How do you release a game like this without online co-op play????? Is there any plans to add this feature as it was available in previous years? Good way to turn people away from buying this game....
  • Please for the love of god let the defense react to the quarterback!!!! Second the amount of time in and outside the pocket has it's own play clock 20seconds really that's not football at all
  • Time in the pocket is ridiculous!! Please can you tune it no matter the rating the D-Line gets no pressure and never disengage... Qb contain is non existent!
  • Never should have patched the gameplay at from launch! Game was spot on and just needed some minor adjustments! Seems like you buckled to the crybaby cheese all day crowd and now madden is back it’s old tricks again! Sheesh
  • No coop online play madden 19 is a waste of money thankfully I got it for 39.99 yesterday and now I’ll trade it at Gamestop
  • The update has ruined the game, much like last year. Instead of making tweaks and fixing glitches you or others found, you switch the whole game up. What you don't realize is you are losing players early in the madden sesson. After back to back years of a bad patch, you may not get the opportunity next year to lose them again. Lbs are now covering the whole field with 80 speed, step for step with 96 speed wrs. They are jumping 20 yards into the air again when the guy is 20 yards behind him (depth perception). The run game is super trash now due to block shed. The Eagles online gets beat all day everyday....nobody blocks on this game! Yes, I still throw for 300+ yards and lead the league in all my cfm leagues, but in a nut shell, after patch
    1. Can't block
    2. Can't run
    3. Can't pass
    4. Lbs cover whole field (smfh no-no)
    5. No depth perception
    6. Qbs throw to the other side of field (ex: you hit x and he's open, he throws to b across field for the pick)
    7. Zones a little more over powering now...like last year
    8. Post and cross plays still are never covered no matter the coverage (unless you user it)
    9. Red zone offense non existent
    10. Lose control of guys after user pick
    There's more, I'll just revisit the form when I think of it. I've seen other people complain of glitches with video evodence, bit it hasn't happen to me persay. This is my opinion of the game after patch (in a nutshell). I liked original version better. I gave up buying 2k a few years ago...Madden is headed that way (now I'm lying), but it definitely crosses my mind!
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