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Head to Head, Compare Stats - Online opponents Info Not Loading

When play online head to head, go to compare stats vs. previous player. My opponents stats are not loading and I cannot see their stats, record, ranking, ect...I cannot select any player I've played online. Help!


  • This is a bug that has been going on a while. Please post on my thread and others so they eventually fix it.
  • It's 10/10/2018. Still not fixed. Worked last year, and every year before. How hard can it be to fix this.
  • a1947kid wrote: »
    It's 10/10/2018. Still not fixed. Worked last year, and every year before. How hard can it be to fix this.

    No idea why this hasn't been addressed yet either. It may not seem like a big deal but it really does bring a little more competitiveness to the table. As of now I honestly take care as much if I loose a H2H game.

    Although I'm a stats guy I don't go out of my way to run up the score or stats this just takes away from the game. It really brings a different perspective being able to compare what you've done and helps gage your skill level to others.
  • Just started playing 19' recently and this bug makes it absolutely infuriating... The best part of random online matches is getting the one match that you shouldn't win and you do! Otherwise whats the freaking point
  • johniewishbone
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    edited January 2019
    Just played one game on PS4 and the bug or lack of stats wich is blank is there. I went on MUT leaderboard and the layout is what the H2H use to be. Now it’s PF and PG.Ill add example on the bottom. So why did they change it and it’s broke as well . They should just erase H2H from the game because they don’t care and don’t fix. I’m sick to my stomach about this poor management of this game. This is Xbox Madden leaderboard and PS4 leaderboard both consoles editions have same issue.

    H2H leaderboard vs MUT leaderboard any reason they can’t be the same? Why the heck do we have PF and PG ? We want the MUT layout like the last pic.Thats the way it was from madden 17 and older. Last 2 years it’s been generic lazy blank stat layout come on!

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