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Online ranking not appearing

It was there when I first got the game and it has since disappeared. Talked to EA did all their troubleshooting nothing worked and they said To post here. When open "online head to head" section next to "quick match" tab is where the rankings were before and nothing's there(the box is blank) I can see the top 100 but that's it. Before I had a percentage of where I was ranked (top 10%) . Now that's gone. Just want to see where I'm at. TIA


  • I think this has something to do with not seeing opponents stats..help
  • I'm having the same problem. You are the first other person I've seen with the same issue. I haven't found any solution yet.
  • Darn keep me posted I'll do same... callin EA again now to see if they have something for opponent ranking/ stats not showing when comparing stats to your opponent.
  • They said the more people who post then they'll eventually do something about it
  • CopenhagenLC34
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    agreed, not working seeing opponents stats, record. FIX IT EA!
  • Mine disappeared about a week ago.
  • It has been like that since before the day one launch. Sometimes it appears. Sometimes it doesn't. The ranking system has been broken for the past few yrs anyways. I remember when they showed all the relevant stats. Even the dnf & disconnect ratios. But for the past few yrs all it shows is the points for/points against & win streaks. Wht kind of ranking system is that? Please tell me
  • I’m having the same problem at first I thought it was because I didn’t Verify my account but now I think it’s madden. Like I played a dude who record no where near mines but he Rank top 20. The first pic is the guy record the second one mines it’s an insult 4kwa6q6scsxb.jpeg
  • This hasn’t worked since 18, when 19 came out it worked for a week then went away
  • I have a similar thread on page 3 of forums! Welcome to club! Like I said not sure why I play anymore because I have no way to compare stats to anything . Kinda like not having a KD leaderboard on COD. I guess this why they added long shot! So we can play campaign since there is no reason to play online! I asked a dev a ea play about the broken stat tracker and how in should minus your loss to your total points not just leave it at where it was before you played the initial game. That’s how you know the agenda for this game mode has gone south. Since madden changed from 360 to xbx one the ranking system got messed up with new total value on how you rank. The number of games you clock this season no mater win or loss compared to a better win loss record is how it is set.This is **** to the way it should be . But for the last two games the stat tracker doesn’t even work. Yeah every month a update is up for MUT content like gold shoes or snow. Didn’t see any new content for H2H beside game mechanics like run turbo and nano blitz fixed. At least have pink shoes for BC month or camo hoodies and hats for sideline. If they want have successful ESports program they need to fix for a healthy community. This is going in wrong direction.Probaly play for one more month and then go to fifa and 2k. There leaderboards work!
  • Online Head To Head ranking not working AGAIN . Same thing happen in Madden 20 bought the game new and 2 weeks later the rankings stop working . What’s going on with this issue EA Sports ????
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