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Sacks Not Counting (Fixed in November 2018 Update)

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I am seeing a weird bug in franchise mode where a player on my defense (user controlled or otherwise) gets a sack (if it is user it says "user sack"), but then it doesn't count as a sack. The stat update at the top of the screen will also show a comma and then the total number of tackles for the player, so for example if I get a sack and have a total of 2 tackles it says ", 2 tackles". If I go look at the statistics for the game, it also doesn't show up that the player got a sack, but does count as a TFL. I know if it is a QB run play, it would be a TFL and not a sack, but this happens on pass plays.
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  • I’m having the same exact issue. I’m losing out on dozens out sack stats every season. Completely unacceptable.
  • Same.
  • Same too this needs to be fixed.
  • Agreed, they need to fix this.
  • Rex_Holez
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    Same here, they need to patch this ASAP

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  • Happening with me as well. Seems likes quite a few issues that needs patching.
  • Same issue tends to happen more on play action plays
  • This is still happening. It's extremely hard to get sack milestones when the sacks aren't being counted.
  • Yes same, it even says sack on the highlights but not on the stats.
  • adamlong84
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    I wish they would hire or get people who actually played the game of football. And stop having nerds who never sweated. Madden has no competition so it doesn't have to try hard. The same game just a lil more visuals. They're still years behind, way does the sideline look like 2 year olds drew them. Madden (EA) is getting more and more cheap. In every sports game they improve, MLB players to the crowd catching homeruns and foul balls. To NBA 2K jumping on the tables when they run out of bounds. I think madden a good game but the laziness of developers. You say you have Frostbite, but you still can't make sliding marks in the snow when players fall or slide. You still have lil footprints in the snow that you had in the 90's. Jerseys don't move, still that some ol stiff look that every players has. NBA 2k jerseys move, MLB jerseys move. Even the old gen consels football, APF 2k8 the jerseys moved. But you say you have a powerful engine like frostbite. Yes I know you only have I year, in that case wait 2 or 3 years to bring out another Madden and just send updates on the rosters, coaches, uniforms and apparel. And tell the fans "If you want a better football game, then you have to wait". Stop putting out garbage and telling people "it has a better smell". Garbage is garbage plane and simple.
  • Just purchased game and having the exact same issues. 3 sacks but all counting as tfl instead of actual sack. How can this make it pass the final stages of game development?? Also another major glitch, I intercepted a pass, then defender fumbled the ball but recovered his own fumble. It should have been 1st and 10 for my offense. But what I got was 4th and 46 to start the drive. Very unacceptable. Disappointed that I may have wasted my money on a sub par product. EA is such a giant company, yet let these giant bugs slip through stages of development. Makes me wonder if they actually test the full game and all the aspects thoroughly.
  • I've been having this issue as well, or at least another version of it. Had my LE sack the QB, and he only got credited for .5 sacks, even when the next closest defender was about 7 yards off the ball and had nothing to do with the sack.

    I've also seen my defensive players credited with 1.5 sacks total. No matter who gets credit, the sum should always be a whole number, lol. The commentary is also crediting other members on the defense with sacks that they weren't a part of.
  • Neyimec
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    Watch out for he's using a disconnection glitch booting me from the game-winning 17 -0

    Please do not post other people's gamertags on the forums
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  • I'm not gonna say this glitch happens on play action only, but it does happen every time there is a sack on a play action play. Could also happen on other plays, not sure.
  • Another update today and no mention of this bug in the patch notes. Anyone from EA wanna tell us if this issue is fixed yet? Having sacks not count is kind of a big thing.
  • cocdieselkev
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    Same happening still. Thanks, EA for ignoring such a serious issue for us franchise players, SMH. Seems to not count every time it is a play action or RPO.
  • I play off-line franchise, all-pro and led the league in sacks three years in a row. I am in my fifth franchise year, week 11 and Preston Smith already has 19 sacks. Had 72 total team sacks last year alone!!! One other note, I don't control anyone on Defense, it's all attribute driven.
  • Its always been an annoying issue. It feels like some kind of season long stats cap the game implements. Like Na, thats too many sacks
  • I don't understand how this is still an issue. People have been posting about it for months and I haven't seen any response from EA. I can see them editing people's posts on this forum for language, they just don't actually bother to respond to the issue. Great support.
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