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What are you proud of?

This is a serious question for the Madden Devs and higher ups. I’d really like to know what you guys are hanging your hat on this year with Madden. I know you put in a lot of work, time and effort to make this game and I’d like to appreciate the things that you’re proud of.

I was extremely disappointed in 18 to the point I basically stopped playing in December. That’s never happened before. I was so close to not buying 19 but as you know, you’re the only pro football game in town and I really have no choice. I am a dedicated CFM player. I love the archetypes, RPM (on offense) and player progression. I’m currently in 3 Online CFM and having fun in each one. New animations are also awesome. I seem to notice something new each time i play.

On the flip side. I have a few complaints that can really hinder gameplay. #1 ball trajectory. Seems like the Ball trajectory is low on any pass that isn’t a lob or touch pass. No matter how far downfield the throw is. I routinely get INTs by my LB who is beat by 5-7 yards but plucks the ball of the The air with extreme ease. Deep zones still seem to dumb out at the worst possible moment. THE SPIN MOVE IS STILL OP. I’m now convinced you guys have broken it and it can’t be fixed. It’s not as bad as 18 but it’s still overly effective even after you guys stated user defenders with a certain ratings gap would not be affected. OL blocking is still a dice roll. And speed is still a major advantage over anything else.

So back to my original point, what are you guys proud of about Madden 19? I want to know so maybe I can start looking at the game a different way and possibly enjoy the things you really worked hard on.


  • In my opinion, a spin move is hard to defend in reality if it’s performed to perfection by a great athlete, no matter how good someone is at tackling. Watch Saquon Barkley. If a single defender doesn’t wait for the RB to spin but instead attempts a tackle just prior to the spin is started, the defender (no matter the skill) will miss.

    When I perform a spin in the game on a defender and another is close by, I get tackled by the second defender almost always. In the open field on a single defender, if I time it right, I make him miss almost always.

    I’d say the most unrealistic thing about the spin move is how guys can perform multiple spins in a short area. This rarely happens with success in reality. But... it is a video game using mathematics and codes to create movements; therefore, the mechanics will always be limited.
  • Great post. This game feels awfully rushed lacking substance. I won’t be hooked as I was in previous years. I’m close to being done now.
  • 100% agree. This game is garbage and EA should be embarrassed to have there name attached to it.
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