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Generated Player Names not said In-game

I know last year some of the generic skilled players in the generated Franchise draft classes had their names said by the commentators. Does that not occur this year?

I believe the majority of generated players should be called by at least their last names on offense and defense instead of being referred to positionally.

Names not being referred to by in-game commentators is an immersion killer, especially if you play enough seasons to where real life players retire. Then you just have a generic football game of “the QB throws deep to the WR.” I can’t understand how this would be hard to include.


  • I’ve played a couple games with the auto generated players. They say the last name of the QB I drafted but not all the time and not his first name. I haven’t heard them say any of the other rookies names. I agree it’s dissapointing and the lack of authenticity honestly makes me not want to play.
  • I’m with ya, jgood90. It seems like such a simple thing to include.
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