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Franchise qb mode on pro level

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This is the only mode i play and 100% the reason i buy it. Heres my issues.

1. Cpu running back worthless. 30 rushes 1 yd. Im always my team leader in rushing from scrambling.
2. Scripted sacks and or zero pass block. Im talking 12 a game.
3. A nice hit jars it loose. Every. Bleepin. Time.
4. 50ft jumping lbs.
5. 500 mph dbs
6. Speed and height stat for wrs mean nothing. I can be plus 11 speed and get zero separation.
7. Competitive cheats. I mean 2 min before half and end of game cpu will score and score.
8. Rename play action passes to insta sack for clarification purposes.
9. Theres more but im on a lunch break so feel free to add to the list.


  • rothnal78
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    Edit for apparently a ba word i allow a 6yr old to say.
  • rothnal78
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    1st and goal from 1 10 seconds left. No picks available but runs down by 1. Computer forces to to run play. Toss it out of endzone. Misses 6th 1 yd field goal. To heck with this rigged hogwash. Up 40 in 3rd and with no explanation or me on field we score 3 they score 51 in 7 minutes and who knows why.

    Edited to remove swearing shorthand. - EA_Cian
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