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90% of the time I am doing great on a drive as a qb the second I get into the red zone either someone fumbles or so complete nonsense interception happens, there are times where I honestly made a bad read but most of the time it’s something like my receiver doesn’t animate or a defensive player does a complete 180 then makes a dive that isn’t realistic whats so ever, I’m tired of how op the defensive players are in pass coverage, I can have a wide open player but it won’t matter because a linebacker will just do a 180 take a step then dive like 6 feet to where I threw the ball

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  • Yes i agree the movement of lbs are out of control also when someone users them they can just hold down the sprint button and go any direction super fast. Plus they can go left to right vice versa without slowing down but a rb cant do that... theres no balance with lbs at all in the game they need to nerf lbs how they move so they cant cover the whole feild
  • in madden its about learning what the CPU cant defend or make a play on because 90% of people online don't ACTIVATE/USER on defense.
  • What if you only play franchise qb. Cant activate crap and the player ai is trash. 37 carries negative 12 yards by the running back. Hey guess what..... nice hit jars it loose. Maybe dont throw it to the 99 stat guy 1 on 1 with a 67 guy a plus 11 on height and speed i guess. Garbage cash grab. Dump mut and longshot and fix your dang game.
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