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My Madden experience

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I feel like we are at a crossroad right now with madden football. Since I’ve been getting on the forums I seen some good criticism of things that need to be addressed but what I mainly see sadly is people just crying and complaining and things that shows that they don’t know how to play a football game and or they are just mad they cannot do the unrealistic crap before so they want a patch for this or fix that. I really hope that you ignore those players and keep making the game the right way with football intangibles and not cave in to the non football gamers out there who want to cheese and break the game with glitches. I know for a fact that there are a whole lot more people out here that wants a real football experience/game than their are the ones who complain about everything under the sun.
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  • Whatever dude. I just want to throw an out route to an open receiver without an out of place and guessing wrong linebacker doing a superhuman and blind twist making the pick. That is what is wrong with this game.
  • Dude i just finished my first franchise season and won 4 games due to the ai punting 15 yards bug. 1 of which was afc title game.

    Not to mention my d gave up less than 30 rushing yards per game with the run blocking on 100 because the ai cant hit a wide open hole.

    Keep blaming the user for a joke of a game.
  • Also as a franchise qb your running game.... well just dont. 200 yds a year on 15 min a quarter. My qb in 14 years has led my team in rushing every year.
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