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Nano blitzs are everywhere

So i have read the patch notes. I understand tou what us to gain more yards and score more but nerfing shedblocking for interior dt has resulted in nano blitzs everywhere online.these nano blitzs are the cause for low yards and low scoring.. please patch and fix the nano blitzs in madden19.. if you address this issue you will see a big difference in scoring and yards. After you (ea) nerfed the shedblocking it has hurt the people that play this game they way it is intended to be played.i have videos of game play but i dont know how to upload the. These nano blitzs are ruining the game. Im at the point im thinking of giving up on ea.. you guys add new gear for are players but ignor game play such as nano blitzs. These nano blitzs cant be picked up by sliding oline and n max protection. Please address tis issue a.s.a.p


  • I’m not sure which gm style or game options that you play, but I actually think the game needs the nano blitzes. I only play ranked head to head and I’m not interested in any other mode. In order to compete in head to head when everyone is running EVERY PLAY on the game you must have some type of heat. So it’s gotta be either or....Either you make the playbooks team Specific to Avoid players from having every money play in the universe or keep the nanos to give the Defense a fair shake.
  • The best thing I ever did was stop using Max Protect. It doesn't make sense how, but I found that the max protect helps in favor of nanos
  • Im playing mut and all madden franchises everything is nano as soon as my qb gets the ball my qb is sacked i tried max protections sliding the oline. The oline just doesnt respond to the blitzs. They just let them just walk in untouched!!!
  • Max protect does nothing against nanos ea doesnt care one bit.they think nerfing everything is going to solve the issues but itsnt. They need to fix n paych up the nanos bottom.. but they wont just like the blue screening and game play freezing up.. it will take them tell madden 20 to fix this issues because yhey dont care plus the game is unbalanced.. you show have the same effect of using a dline as a lb. They have lbs running around like gods vering the whole field.. this is so not football i hope 2k comes back or another football game comes out.. madden this year should be nano blitz footbal.... because the nerfed everything thats why everyone is nano blitzing plus max protection doesnt work.. when will ea learn from there mistakes... it will be to late for them if they dont address the issues soon
  • I think ea is promoting nano blitzs
  • Ok...what is the remedy for playing vs a guy that has every money play on the gm? HB wheel scheme, Shotgun Snugs Etc. That puts the defense at a disadvantage if you have no Nano blitzes.
  • Well thats play match ups get better defensive linemen to rush the passer play man cover1 cover2 mix up zones with this nano blitzing is only one defense you see all game thats not football one bit. Mix up offensive calls n defensive calls to confuse your opponent
  • They are scripted sacks. You can do nothing. Cant move till animation stops an boom your creamed. I call all play action passes insta sacks.
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