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Solo Battle Disconnect

I was disconnected from a solo battle and given a score of 0 "DNF". I have video evidence of being up 28-0 with 2 minutes left, it's going to cost me any chance at top 100 and even ultimate rewards. I had yet to lose a game on ultimate and was 78th at one point in the week. This has happened once before, and I have contacted EA support multiple times and taken all troubleshooting steps. However it is not an issue with my internet, and it has never been an issue with my internet. Last time it happened there was 4 solos released in order to give back rewards to the people who had spent hours of their week only to have their score ruined by a disconnection. I have a wired connection to the router and my internet did not go out during the time of this disconnection, it was working fine for everything else connected, and did not disconnect my roommate on FIFA at the same exact moment. Attached is a compressed game clip of the score, and disconnection. Gamertag: Incorperated15 Email:[email protected]


  • Been having similar issues since the game launched. Sometimes it is my internet, other times it's not. Regardless of the reason, there should be some mechanism in place to allow a resume. This is an offline game, it shouldn't be that hard. EA doesn't care though. I've submitted bug reports, created posts in various forums, reddit, PMs, etc. No response, ever.
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