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MUT Solo Battle Froze

Started it up, selected my kickoff and it froze. Received a DNF. I have screenshots and recorded a clip. Not sure if anything can be done about it but any info will be appreciated.



  • NatureBoy2323
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    If you could post the screenshot and upload the clip and post it here, that would be great. Thanks.
  • Could not get the video to post but here is a link

  • Anything?
  • Yet another reason to have a "resume" feature if a disconnect happens.
  • I got disconnected from the servers just now. Like the 5th time during a solo battle that this has happened to me. I'm hard wired and have had zero internet issues. Kinda getting frustrating to spend so much money on MUT to have this problem multiple times.
  • They really do need a resume feature to Solo Battles. I have had the worst timing this week on my 13th game against the 78 overall opponent... going up 35-0 with 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter... having earned 306,478 points in 12 games...a 25,540 point a game average... which if I get this score for the final game I will have 332,020 points for the week beating my 13th place score from the week before of 331,574 and "you have lost connection with server"... "you wasted 12 hours playing these games throughout the week" "you get 150k in Ultimate rewards that you had earned after the 10th game instead of 500k from rank 11-25 rewards"

    Or if they cannot put in a resume feature have some sort of auto win feature if you disconnect winning by 28 in the first quarter, 21 in the second quarter, 17 in 3rd quarter or later you will receive your score based on a victory and the yards, receptions, points allowed instead of the big fat 0 you get.

    Gamertag: WittyBunny70329 on the X-Box if EA sees this and wants to make right as I had put in the time and I had earned at least a top 25 solo battle score for another week.
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    Happened on my farm account that I just turn on chew clock and only try for the win to get ultimate and it freezes with 24 seconds left against the same opponent that cost me top 10 on my main account this week. Coincidence? Have a resume game feature in solo battles please and thank you.
  • Without the freeze or having a resume feature for me to complete the frozen game I would have placed 14th this week. Not opening my Ultimate rewards as they are 350k short in rewards for what I had earned this week of solo battles.
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