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Weekend League | Win Requirement Change Going Forward for Weekend League (Weekly)

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edited December 2018
Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

Our teams are always listening to community feedback and we wanted to provide an update on a change that we will be making to the win requirements for Weekend League (Weekly).

Starting Tuesday, October 16th, the following win requirements will be required for Weekend League (Weekly) and their respective tiers.


Please note that this week's Weekend League Weekly rewards will be based on the win requirements below.


Please feel free to provide your feedback in the EA Forums around the recent changes and things would you like to see in the future. We are always considering feedback.

Have a great day!

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  • I just want to start off saying that I love the madden this year but over the past five days it has been really tough to keep my loyalty towards madden and EA in general. Here is my situation:

    -5 days ago my account got hacked (hacker stole everything from me)
    -filed a complaint with the EA origin contact helpline, outsourced through india or something

    -They looked into the case and said that I need to secure my EA account, keep in mind that they did not mention to me that i would need to secure all my current emails and xbox devices as well.
    -I secured my account and Arjay (outsourcer) helped me generate passwords and such, he didn't seem real enthusiastic about helping me and just sent me to a self help website on how to secure my ea account

    - They restored my contact 2 days ago in the morning
    - Later that night the same hacker has apparently been lurking on my account for the past 5 days and stole everything again

    - Looked on my xbox account and found out that the hacker had somehow obtained all my info to gain access to my xbox profile on his xbox profile. Keep in mind that it looks like this person lives in Australia from his IP address and i live in Hawaii and have never been to Australia in my life nor have i shared my xbox profile info with anyone
    - I secured my xbox and Microsoft profile with the help of the Microsoft

    -Contacted the outsource help and told them what had happened
    - Now they say that there are no exceptions to restoring my content twice
    - They said it is my fault because they asked me before if my EA login had been secured
    - they themselves did not help me secure all points of access and now are refusing to help me with anything and refuse to even take my calls

    I have spent over $3,000+ on this game and it has all been stripped to me because of the simple fact that this outsourced company does not even care much and they do not even want to let me speak to higher ups that can give me the answers that i want and they are putting all the blame on me and basically telling me that it is my fault for getting hacked as if im some kind of computer guru when in fact i am just a chef that loves football and loves playing madden where i even wake up early in the morning just to watch all the twitch streams and look and spend money on new content.

    I understand that this is a long rant, but i do not know what else to do and i really need some help.
  • I’ve used the second verification system I literally get upwards of 4-5 text a day with a Russian name trying to hack my account.
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