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Game Needs Work!!

Been playing this game since it first came out years ago. There have obviously been some really good improvements to the game since then. But its frustrating that after so many years of EA making this game that there are still so many things...simple things....that needs to be worked on.
So here's my list and thoughts. I'll be as gentle as i can. I usually play Franchise Mode as a created QB.

1. The RB AI - It is almost pointless to try and run the ball. They have flashes where they will fight for those extra yards or hit the hole, but most times they do a lot of unnecessary jukes or straight arms when nobody is even close to them. Most times i laugh about it, but in the close games where you want to pick up a first down by running and there is a huge hole at the line and the RB goes wide or runs right into your OL it gets a bit frustrating. Even worse when you only need a yard and he can clearly get it....but doesnt. Kinda brutal.
2. The spotting of the football - I cant say how many times a WR/TE/RB would have clearly had a first down or TD and they somehow mark it short. And of course most times its on a 3rd down and then you are forced to punt.
3. The players running out of bounds - Crazy how on some of these pass plays where the player has a route towards the sidelines and they dont stop at the sideline, they just run out of bounds and of course you try to pass it to them and they are already out of bounds or by the time the ball gets to them they catch it.....while out of bounds.
4. The really agile and athletic LB's! - Pretty sure i dont need to say much with this as its happened often in years past. Just tough when you see a LB covering a WR that has mid 90's speed and wide open and somehow the LB breaks up the pass or intercepts it!
5. The Longshot - I like the idea of a story mode overall. Thats a big reason why NBA2K has become so popular for the last few years. A lot of people want that in sports game. To be a "real" part of the game and give them something to play for. They want the experience of being a pro athlete and all that comes with it, the good and bad. But its so much better when the story revolves around the player and not a generic guy like Wade or Colt. After last years introduction to it i thought EA may be heading in the right direction with that.....maybe not! Again no decision making for the player at all...ok, sorry, one decision. lol. And really the story was terrible and super cheesy. Did they get Oprah to write it?!?! Or worse....Spike Lee?? Anyone remember his story for NBA2K a few years ago? So brutal! I just wish Madden would take a look at 2K and see what they are doing as far as single player and just try to get to that level. Give players choices, decisions that impact their careers, make them play for something as far as a better contract and then let them do something with the money they make from said contract!
6. Re-signing a contract - Ok, my last one for now. One of the worst ones is when your player is in the last year of his contract and the team wants to resign him. Great! Except that it comes up as you have a contract offer and choose to accept, yes or no. There are no details about the contract offer. Not how much or years or anything at all! No negotiating or anything either. To me it just seems so lazy. Its a tiny thing really, but it does speak volumes.

I do have more to mention but those are my main points and my 3 fingers are sore from typing this out!! haha. This isnt a horrible game and it is making improvements in some areas, but it still has a long way to go before it can be called a truly great football game! im hoping it can get there!


  • I too play franchise qb pretty much exclusively. I made almost the same post a few down from yours and expanded on itna bit. I agree 100% with all the above.
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