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Madden NFL 19 Title update: Addressing community feedback

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Key Highlights
  • Gameplay:
    1. Players who are on the real-world Injured Reserve List can now be subbed into the game via the depth chart for Play Now and Online Head-to-Head Games
    2. New default value for the 'Player Speed Parity Scale' to increase the difference between faster players and slower players
  • Franchise:
    1. CPU teams will now draft players using improved logic that puts a greater emphasis on team needs
    2. Re-implemented functionality to allow Injuries in Franchise leagues using Competitive Game Style
  • Madden Ultimate Team:
    1. Ability for Madden Development team to toggle Previous Play for all MUT modes without a Title Update

Change Log
  • General Stability Improvements

Franchise Updates
  • Improved CPU drafting logic so teams will draft better players for their team
  • Added functionality to allow injuries in Franchise leagues using the 'Competitive' game style setting
    • DEV NOTE: This is a similar update to one we did last year, as we made a mistake by not bringing that update over from Madden 18 into Madden 19. While late, we wanted to make sure to give this functionality back our Franchise players this year.
  • Added hint to instant replay menu so you can adjust Depth of Field (DoF).
  • Fixed filter in the Regression menu so you can view CPU teams
  • Added more variety to news stories for the Draft, Pro Bowl, Coach Contracts, End of Season, and Awards.
  • Fixed issues in news when referencing record breaking players
  • Fixed formatting in Members menu popup
  • Fixed player marketing logic when using imported rosters
  • Added team logos to the Draft Recap menu
  • Addressed stability issues when using Snapshots
  • Added more variety of facemasks and helmets to generated rookies (Revospeed 808 for QBs, Speedflex cage for LBs, Speedflex 2 bar QBs, etc)
  • Updated the post game Coach Upgrade screen to be more visually appealing
  • Updated colors on the Draft Stage “On the Clock” area to be more visually appealing
  • Added owner portraits for the Chargers, Bills, Saints, and Bears.
  • Fixed issue where the team OVR and player count didn't display when loading a Franchise
  • Fixed issue where proper player portrait was not used when playing as a Player character
  • Fixed issue where development traits would not import properly when using a custom roster
  • Fixed issue where community files would not populate properly on pages other than the first one
  • Fixed issue where players were not removed immediately when managing your draft board

Visual Updates
  • Updated player likeness for the following players:
    1. Buccaneers WR Mike Evans
    2. Steelers SS Terrell Edmunds
    3. Bills MLB Tremaine Edmunds
    4. Cowboys WR Michael Gallup
    5. Bears FS Eddie Jackson
    6. 49ers TE George Kittle
    7. Packers MLB Blake Martinez
    8. Redskins DE Daron Payne
    9. Falcons OLB Duke Riley
    10. Cowboys QB Cooper Rush
    11. Falcons HB Ito Smith
    12. Saints WR TreQuan Smith
    13. Dolphins CB Cordea Tankersley
    14. 49ers WR Trent Taylor
    15. Giants DE Dalvin Tomlinson
    16. Cowboys MLB Leighton VanderEsch
    17. Chargers WR Mike Williams
    18. Cowboys FS Xavier Woods

Gameplay Updates
  • Tuning
    1. Tuning to prevent the WR icon from disappearing sometimes on HB Screen plays when the HB would run into a blocking interaction while running his route
    2. Tuning to increase the frequency of broken tackles when attempting to strip the ball from behind the ball carrier
  • Real Player Motion
    1. New default setting for the Player Speed Parity Scale
      1. DEV NOTE: To address a common piece of feedback from our community about slower players being too successful at chasing down faster players in the open field, we have stretched out the 'Player Speed Parity Scale' to increase the discrepancy between players of different speeds. The scale has been expanded to almost double its default value. The goal of this tuning is make a 5-point difference in speed feel more like a 10-point difference. If you have been playing on the default value already and would like to continue playing on that value, simply reset this value to 75 instead of 50 via the Gameplay Settings menu. However, the new value will be the default setting for online play.
    2. Fixed an issue preventing the QB from finishing the handoff on some Singleback Bunch Ace End Around plays
    3. Fixed issues with gang tackles that would result in rare cases of the ball carrier not being ruled down or not being given the proper spot for forward progress
    4. Fixed a rare issue causing receivers to get stuck running up the field following a specific diving catch
    5. Fixed an issue causing the kick returner to sometimes have a small hitch right after catching a kickoff
    6. Fixed an issue sometimes causing ball carriers to fall down inappropriately after a broken tackle
  • Pre-Play
    1. Fixed an issue to allow the Sub Linebacker player be subbed into the Nickel 3-3-5 Formation
    2. Added some clock time to the available time left when using 'Chew Clock' or 'Accelerated Clock' to give auto-motion players enough time to get set before a delay of game penalty will be triggered
    3. Fixed an issue allowing users to grieve other users online by repeatedly going offsides
      1. Pass Coverage
      2. Added zone coverage logic for Linebackers in a Quarter Flat zone to properly cover route combos that include a vertical and a running back to the flat
    • Catching:
      1. Fixed an issue causing a failed catch animation to be ruled as a Touchdown incorrectly after the ball had been knocked out of the receivers hands in the end zone
      2. Added functionality for receivers who are not user-controlled to trigger sideline catches without having to hold the Possession Catch mechanic
      3. Fixed an issue causing the RB to fumble the pitch on I Form Tight HB Pass
    • Blocking:
      1. Added animation coverage for blockers disengaging from double teams to move to the second level of the defense
      2. Updated run-block targeting logic to account for some defensive looks using Nickel, Dime and Dollar alignments to effectively defend inside running plays
      3. Fixed an issue causing the Fullback to sometimes run into the QB on Weak I Pro HB Dive
      4. Added blocking animation coverage for pull blockers pulling to the outside of the formation
      5. Added blocking logic to pick up an exploit blitz using the 46 Normal Fire Zone 3 play

    PC Updates
    • Added the ability to disable voice chat separately from other audio settings
    • Fixed an issue that would greatly slow the progressive install speed while the client was open
    • Added additional mouse click support to various UI elements
    • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause stadium geometry to display behind the edges of loading screens

    Madden Ultimate Team Updates
    • Previous Play Server Toggle:
      1. Added server functionality that allows the Madden Development team the ability to toggle on/off the Previous Play feature for all MUT modes, without deploying a Title Update.
      2. Increases leader-board and online tournament integrity, and gives us more control of our online competitive environment.
      3. Modes that will have 'Previous Play' disabled:
        MUT Draft Ranked, Salary Cap Play-A-Friend, Salary Cap Ranked
    • Added the ability to search the auction house for specific items from the player upgrades screen
    • General stability improvements.

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    • When are there going to be scoreboards in the stadiums, with stats? All the stadiums have play clocks, and game clocks. But NO SCOREBOARDS! What is FOOTBALL without a SCOREBOARD?
    • Can y’all make it to where you can put towel/handwarmers on the front back and either side because some players like Antonio Brown for example wears his handwarmer on his side with his towel in the back and other variety of ways...would be more realistic that way imo
    • These all seem like major updates to the game. Looking forward to trying this out later.
    • So...... no H2H compare sats fix?
    • I’m still eagerly awaiting being able to put defensive players on offense and visa versa and have their stats tracked in player stats leaders screens. This was the case in NCAA football games and was a lot of fun especially for created players and edited players. Just for offline franchise I’m saying.
    • Way too many updates. This one is 4.2gb?!
    • ChargerDave15
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      Thankyou for looking after franchise it has some intelligence as a strategy game. Not just as an arcade presentation like legends. I've started a claim with Microsoft concerning no loads in h2h (SRX1 1444899461). Christian A. tech, commented about my internet speed apparently xbox 1 needs 3.0mbps as a preferential speed (internet) mine at the time was in the low 2's. We tested it and the game loaded. Today game failed after I just checked the connection at 2.54mbps. download, .35 upload. Taking notes. Not sure what to think. My favorite title was Madden 10 hall of fame ed.. It included 50 hall of famers in franchise. Jim Thorpe, Merlin Olsen, Fran Tarkenton, Lance Alworth , Jim Kelly, as rookies, if my memory serves me right. It also had a player creation file. Using the hall of famers as templates I added, Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas, Jim Brown, Otis Sistrunk, Ben Davidson and many more to team rosters. Though the game was infancy as far as graphics and player movement it was fun. It had a second disk that was a video. Brief Biography of John Madden and extremely short videos of the players included in the game. Very educational. Excellent for children and parents. Franchise could "sparkle" as a game if you would just let it run big. I do remember the lines to acquire this title and 11(same hall of famers) at pre release an hour before the doors opened at my specialty retailer. The last few early releases there might of been one person there. Again appreciate your staffs hard work, and a final thought..."Have you made this game to good?" With to many bells and whistles. Just a thought.
    • Hopefully the update will be as great as you make it sound. I'm still waiting on the update that eliminates a 4 min offense inside two minutes left in the game. I'm also waiting for an update that's going to bring back expanded playbook options. Like doing a "run and gun", "pass heavy", "run heavy" etc. That was eliminated last year after an update and wasn't put in 19. I will be eagerly awaiting your feedback.
    • So far I've been pleased with the updates to gameplay. Throwing care routes against press for is finally possible. Running has improved verses passing defenses. And purple coverages appear to be working better. Nice job!

      It seems to me that the next big steps to take are to improve pass rushing so that players can abuse max protect. I believe the major problem is a result from players knowing that certain routes will always get open regardless of coverage. Slants are still a perfect example, given enough time slants are always open.

      This combined with players that run the same plays over and over again makes defending tyreek hill and Randy Moss kind of difficult. What needs to happen is every time you run the same plays the defense gains awareness and play recognition. And slants should sit down in a hook zone.

      I long for the days when players will no longer abuse the AI on 4th and 12.
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      Since the last patch Buccaneers HB Peyton Barber have white face in gameplay, he missing textures on his face/neck.
      When the camera is near it´s fine, but in scrimmage have a "mannequin" face.
      EDIT:Im playing in PC.
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    • Now the game is unplayable for me! More than 10 plays in my playbook on the defense do not show their graphic and when selected the kicking team comes out in a huddle the whole play giving the other team a TD. I play on PC and haven't had any major issues until now. Good thing I back up my games before I update because developers don't test their updates before release evidently.
    • 0ldPizza
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      A for effort always anytime you guys look for the community feed back is a positive

      ADD a MY Player Mode •Drop Longshot• ASAP You guys went south with it(pointless)
      NHL/FIFA/Live all have advanced My player mode were you can train you player with drills and modes madden needs this don’t ditch the CFM but Add My player madden 20 •drop longshot •

      shouldn’t be no player speed scale it should be set automatic fastest player out runs the slowest ones it seems like the attributes & Physics aren’t be used correctly in the gameplay I’ve seen stronger o-line get beat by weaker defenders taller/stronger wide receivers give fake ball deflected tight ends are destroying smaller DBs that need to be patched as I’ve been saying more drops for defensive backs who can’t catch their reaction time is to high you never see in real life


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    • BuffysBoy1979
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      After the most recent update I now have a problem where there is a huge delay between when I press the x button on PS4 during a kick (field goals, kickoffs and punts). This was not an issue that I had when I first downloaded the game. In fact I play a whole season with no issue. I then took a break from the game came back to an updated version and find that kicks are now almost impossible to do properly making the game annoying instead of fun.

      Side note I play Franchise not MUT
    • After picking a play, the players are still very glitchy going to the line of scrimmage! It's not a smooth animation like in past games!
    • It is all still lipstick on a pig for a 25 year old product.

      Some examples of open items (most year-over-year and continually ignored):
      1. EA does not have AI. Both users and EA staff need to stop pretending that the game is 'intelligent' and that it isn't just a system of cheats (specific examples of these below). I run an AI company, so anyone on either side wants to discuss I am available.
      2. The game is a simulation, as it states in that stupid grey box that covers up the downs and yards every play (for whatever reason). As a simulation the metrics should determine the game results. So for example in a first person shooter when you progress up in game difficulty they would potentially add more bad guys shooting at you. In a simulation, if you are good at managing and developing the metric should dictate it, not the built-in cheats to try and simulate a real-world result. EA is working back from the 'realish world' results and have a system of cheats to try to replicate that.
      3. Player v. CPU management dynamics. For example, the CPU always has the upper hand in trades. We ran some simulations where the CPU would NOT accept trades for draft picks where we were offering early picks for later picks (e.g. we offer a 1st round 7th pick for 9th and the CPU rejected the trade unless it got additional picks). This also goes for player trades (which we realize has more dynamics like age, salary, et cetera, but when you can't trade Tom Brady for a rookie Qb with a rating of 75 something is off). The dynamics are poorly constructed and implemented.
      4. LBs this year...wow. To make up for poor ability to have defenses cover passes, LBs in Madden 19 are super heros. They jump 10' in the air (relative if you look at it spatially), they can cover huge amounts of field and be heading one way/covering one person and Star Trek teleport across the field to make plays, and even guys with 40 catching catch a lot. This is actually less about the LBs and more about that EA still can't deal with pass coverage. Also, look up 'pass interference'. It is something. I can get you the Wiki link if you can't find it.
      5. General database calls. As the years progress EA is providing less and less ability to sort and view the data, which makes no sense as the functionality was built in before. AT LAST in Madden 19 they added back in the ability to sort by NFL for players (whereas before whomever had the bright idea to find out the strongest LT made it so you had to go through ever team individually). There are a number of items related to Franchise mode and Online league play that should be addressed and there is no real good reason the functionality has been removed/reduced. This is all 'it was in there and should be an easy add each year for the deltas'.
      6. EAs love for kissing frogs...it is nice that Tom Brady looks like Tom Brady, but honestly the focus on all of the superficial, non-game management/play related time that tends to be the excuse why other items can't be addressed has marginal value. Skip a year on the graphics and superficial related and make the game actually better to play and manage.
      7. Franchise mode. It isn't good and continues to get worse. There is no real 'logic' to a lot of the items you have to face in the off season and no real good way to manage them. So for example, staff re-hiring is horrible. Generally you are faced with losing a winning coach you have built up and then stuck with a CPU hired coach (and if you fire them there isn't anything left). Why? I should be able to hire coaches from other teams (happens every year), if I just won the Super Bowl and have a great team going into next year and can meet the salary requirements, why is the default for the coach to leave? Free agency also has serious issues, the 'owner' functionality had degraded into inconsequential, et cetera...this is not even looking at potential feature improvements that could/should be introduced in a code base that is this old.

      Again, just some summary examples. Lipstick on a Pig.
    • Really need to make Franchise great again.

      1) you should be able to sub in any player in any position. If I want to use my backup QB as rb/wr I should.

      2) better player progression if a guy makes pro bowl he shouldn’t only get 1 XP point

      3) commentary is horrible. They say very few players names even if player in game especially on defense. It should be how you had on PS2/PS3. If name was in game will be said by commentators regardless of position. Example they may say a name at QB but won’t say same name for RB/WR. Makes the game so generic.

      4) really need to update plays and formation. More motion offense like so many teams use
    • I don’t know what you people did with this new “injury in franchise” update, but in a span of 2 games I’ve lost 6 offensive starters to injury. And not little ones either. All of them are at least 6 weeks or more. It’s serisoisly like every single play now someone gets hurt. I play in an ultra competitive franchise with friends and it takes the fun out when we can’t compete at full strength. It’s ridiculous
    • DAVELL1 wrote: »
      After picking a play, the players are still very glitchy going to the line of scrimmage! It's not a smooth animation like in past games!

      After every patch update, the game gets glitchy and I discovered if you uninstall and reinstall the game it works much better. Unnecessary and tedious, yes, but it seems to make a huge difference. Maybe ea should look into why this is the case, if not for everyone, at least for some people this seems to be the results after patches.
    • Since the update I have had the game lock up on me in almost every game of connected franchise
    • Curl to flat zones are being executed 100 times better. Speed parity ahs made a huge difference also. Especially notice this in the running game as there are less instances of slower linemen recovering to the outside and making plays that they wouldn't make in reality, a majority of the time. Great job on those areas guys.

      Hook to curl zones are still having a tough time covering the crossing routes. This isn't always a case of the receiver already going full speed and the safety or LB trying to catch from a standstill, nor is it not always a case of the route-break occurring behind the defender. It just seems that they are late passing the receiver off from zone to zone. Not sure about this cuz I've only played a few games since the update.

      What I would really like to see in the future, is backs finding/hitting gaps on inside runs in short yardage situations. Played 3-4 games last ight and had 5-6 instances of the backs either going into the pile moving, hand on a blocker's back animation, or running into the blocker and trying to spin off and then carrying on toward the sideline. Truck stick does not take precedence over either of these animations. I haven't tried diving in a while but in the past that has proven to be a risky option because of fumbling.

      I would just like to see runners, especially power backs, hunker down and grind for the short gain. I'd would also like to not see corners having the ability to take on these backs, up high, and having the ability to bury them on their backs or stop them dead in their tracks, a large majority of the time.

      The tackling physics are just way off for some reason. A defender that is chasing a Back or TE from behind, should almost never be able to stop him dead. Ball carriers just don't fall forward as much as should. If I had to take a rough guess, I'd say that ball carriers, of any size and strength, only fall forward maybe 15% of the time, at best. In a real game, it is pretty much the exact opposite.

      All in all, this was a good update for gameplay. That "Previous Play" business, worries me a little bit. Makes me think that if a certain exploit is negated by an actual improvement, that some runt might hold a vote and have things reverted back so that they can utilize their bread and butter glitch. Nonetheless, good job fellas.
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