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Nano Blitz

Today I had a update for my game. When I logged in it was big plays every other down. The person I played against had the eagles and he passed every down and I could generate no pressure. Please tell me that they didn’t take the nano blitzes out of the game? I’m crushed right now at how many big plays my defense gave up


  • botravis
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    If this is Taboo’d information could u please direct me to the place to see what they did change with this update :|:|

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  • If they patch great nano blitzs are trash and it takes no skill to use them
  • Ok Mr Gunn we’ve had this discussion before. So now that these “cute” routes on every 3rd & 4th Down now what ? Now that there is Zero Pass rush and you’re trying to Defend against every Money play on the game ....Now what?
  • Cpt_gunn
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    Tell ea to fix the 4 man pass rush in the game because in the nfl the 4 man pass will get to the qb in 3 seconds tops you shouldnt have to rely on nano blitzs to stop big plays try different coverages like cover1 2 3 mix it up and pray the pass rush comes.. i doubt that you will get any pressure because ea nerfed pass rush plus i bet the guy you played use aggressive blocking... not use aggressive pass rush you will get crazy plenties if he fakes the snap... but with aggressive blocking theres no plenties but maybe 1 or 2 holding calls. What a shame we have to resort to nano blitzs to play defense only ea. I wish 2k football would comeback or ea would get some feed back from some real nfl players that played in the nfl and started for over 5 to 10 instead of getting advance from a person at was a practice squad scrub for 7 years that clueless.... they made this years madden so you dont need dline just speed and bds.... just game shouldn't be call john madden it should be call nfl glitch blitz.. this is the truth.... the nfl is won in the trenches no with glitching defenses spending 6 7 guys... in the nfl you spend that many you get burnt 90 percent of the time on big plays. Not this years madden... real player motion is only active for the offensive side of the balll. I have never seen a super lb in the nfl that can cover the flats n then go jump a corner or post routes 20 to 30 yards down the field... this game is prejudice towards dline and people trying to play the game the correct way.... a law suit is waiting to happen for the game play in madden.. they promote this game is just like real nfl football but it is just a glitch fest. I wish the developers would play n test there product with true nfl stars n get feed back from them... not feed back from true practice squad scrubs .... its sad because alot of the pros are complaining about the nano blitzs also......

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  • Well stated. I just played again and got Torched through the air. It’s piontless to play without the Nano blitz because EVERYONE is running the same 3 plays that it takes to torch the Defense!!!! How is everyone running the same 3 plays ???? Because of the custom Playbooks, Which brings me right back to question 1. How do you compete vs every money play on the game. GAME AFTER GAME ???
  • Thanks i played football in high school n college... dbs and lbs cant be good if there dline isnt getting pressure on causing havoc.... like i say the game is won it the trenches not by 1 single lb... football is the ultimate team sport. Ea is making it the lb show....they really need to nerf the lbs and there ability to cover the whole flield.
  • Up your offsides slider and you will see a better pass rush.
  • You shouldnt have to play with the sliders
  • The sliders are there to help the end user adjust the game for better simulation of real football. Use them to enhance your experience.
  • PLEASE PUT THE NANOS BACK! The offense clearly have the advantage now. This is making me angry not be able to stop anyone’s passing gm. There is no Switch it up!!! There is Try this!!! The Qb has all day to throw all of these cute routes
  • DerrickCollett
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    Maybe you should learn to call defense. I absolutely hate people complaining about "cheese" when they run cheese d's themselves. Mix coverages, adjust coverages, bring pressure from varying spots. Using nano blitz is just as lazy as offensive cheese plays.
  • botravis
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    Learn to call Defenses right? You’re right sir I stand corrected and I now know that if I switch Defenses that will give me a greater chance of stopping the 32 team playbook compressed into One!
  • Nano blitzes are trash I hate playing guys that use glitchy tactics to win. If you know how to play good d then you don’t need this. That being said there is no unstoppable offensive play. If someone keeps using the same few plays over and over it’s annoying but usually they are trash and once you figure out what they’re doing they’re finished. Learn how to play d and quit crying about nano blitzes.
  • Crying? Ok I apologize to you for wanting the Defense to have a Equall advantage of defending EVERY play on the game. Just yesterday I had a guy Using The chargers run a Triple option on me and actually make it to the corner with Phillip Rivers and pitch the football. Smh but if that’s fun to you so be it.
  • Dude Sometimes you are going to get burned by a play. It happens to everyone. If you would’ve called the right defense you would’ve stopped it. This is football. I don’t get you. “I want to stop every play.” No kidding who doesn’t.
  • Smh! I can’t see how you guys don’t understand the point of guarding the ENTIRE madden playbook? That baffles me? How can you fight master **** **** with only JuJitsu and Master **** **** is attacking you with Crane,Snake,Tiger,Dragon,Toad,Wind and Even more? This puts you at a Major disadvantage. I don’t care what anyone says
  • Then maybe you should learn master **** **** instead of just using Jiu jitzu haha. Think about it
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