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A quick review if your thinking of buying

Disclosure: i play franchise career qb player pretty much exclusively. I was a former big 10 starting qb about 18 yrs ago.

The pros

1. Great graphics.
2. Stable. Not one bug so far in multiple careers.
3. Frequently updated.

Cons. Keep in mind i can only control the user made qb period. I play on pro mode and dont touch sliders.

1. Offensive line cant block pretty much ever.
2. Scripted sacks. You literally freeze and cant pass throw away or move. Its a sack and you cant stop it.
3. Scripted blocks on kicks. As in you know instantly its a block as the whole thing freezes out of your control while it happens.
4. Stats dont matter. Yes you heard me. Tyreek hill against a lb and he covers like deon sanders. Plus 11 speed and cant gain any seperation. Plus 11 height and get jumped everytime.
5. Interceptions. Way to much. Lead em? Dont matter somehow they reverse full speed not looking at ball or qb and pick it one handed behind their back.
6. Competitve ai. You score they score. If they decide this game you lose... you lose. Restart a couple times and suddenly everything goes your way.
7. Multiple times ive driven into field goal range say the 20 or less with seconds remaining and the always miss.
8. Zero running game. Dont. Run. Ever. The ai is 27 runs for -27 yards. In 14 seasons my qb leads the team in rushing every year.
9. Screen plays are insta loss. They simply dont work.
10. Play action is also a instant sack. Soon as you hike the ball you cant break animation and sacked before the fake is even started.
11. 40 ft jumping lbs. Seriously throw a wide open lob deep. Its picked or knocked down byba jumping lb everytime.
12. Defense is to fast. I threw a 70 yd bullet pass deep. 9 defensive players beat the ball there including the dl that hit me as i threw it.
13. Sound track is complete poo. About 12 songs all c list rap thats horrific.
14. Commentating is good but repetitive. I swear i hear a nice hit jars it loose one more time.....

Overall it is the only game on the market so i do have moments of fun but overall ita probably the worst madden for the mode i play ever. Dump longshot and fix single player franchise please. Also mut is just a lootbox scam for football. You already have the monopoly stop being greedy.


  • Heres another example. Its 30 to 30 in the 4th. Ive driven inside the 20 4 times. All missed field goals by ai. Other team wins ot toss drives 84 yds in 31 secs. Td game over. Rigged ai. If it wants you to lose.... nothing you can do.
  • Yeah, not buying this crappy game unless they realize the crap they release every year and lower the price to what it should be worth ( in my opinion to around $20-25 dollars ) that's it!! oh and another thing not now or ever will i buy any EA game other than madden @ discount price, this company reputation in my eyes is tarnish!!
  • When I play coach mode I accept the Impact of random DDA on the results. Line pass blocking is horrible until average awareness is around ninety or so.

    I agree that the real motion rules do not seem to apply to defense. I see this in MUT all the time. Instant cuts, eyes in the back of the head, and superman jumps with warp speed all place the defense at a huge advantage.

    I am of average skill. I enjoy the game but I keep in mind that it is all ones and zeroes. I mute the soundtrack and the commentators but keep the field volume at 100% with the stadium and crowd at 40%.I find the players' mikes to be entertaining.

    Eg., "You need to get in the weight room, son. I'm too strong for you."
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