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Fairness in packs

So I have been an avid player for a couple of years now. Last year I spent several hundred dollars on this game and had some nice elite guys in the chance packs and hub packs. This year I have spent roughly 100 dollars so far and have yet to pull a red elite guy in any pack. I have multiple guys in my league that haven't spent a dime and are pulling diamond guys. A little frustrated with the game and thinking of putting the game down. Anybody else in the same boat?


  • PaxRomana1974
    51 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    I'm rocking around 800,000 coins in Boom or Bust events (primetime and M. F. ) and have pulled nothing but golds.

    Also, to jump start M. F. I spent all my 13,000 Madden Cash on early M. F. MC packs and got almost all gold players and a couple elites that weren't worth much...so 13,000 MC is worth more than $100 and it didn't even push me enough to be able to get 89 Gronk let alone 90 or 91 or impossibly 92 Dawkins or 1 player that was worth keeping on my roster.

    Worst event in 4 years of Madden, by a long shot.

    The customer has been left a dry mouth and a cup of sand to quench their thirst. Thanks EA.

    If you really look at what's happened to this game you're left wondering, legitimately, if anyone at EA ever played football or is a fan of watching NFL football.

    Note, the forum censors M. F. Without the periods...
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