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11 Dropped Passes?

When will this be addressed? 11 Dropped passes. No running game,+4 rating against opponent. This is obviuosly a bot game. Why spend money to get players that under perform because of the way this game decides to have top notch players act like bronze players.



  • No no no they’ve fixed the match up system............🤔
  • +1, +2, +3, +4 and +5 OVR advantage translated means a majority of the time EA is going to THRASH you. I can only assume for having spent so much time, money and energy on a video game.

    Today I decided to play overdrive mode for the first time in several days and the first match and only match I got to be a +2 0VR advantage.

    I watched my much better OVR offensive lineman get pushed around like 5th graders. I hit Antonio Brown in the head Twice trying to pass to him in the end zone. Watched studs like Randy Moss and Julio Jones drop passes. Was sacked by an 84 OVR linebacker which is just comical for the level my team is at.

    After 30 years of playing video football games (played the real game too) I left with Overdrive today feeling that I'm playing what can only be described as the worst rendition of a video football game that has ever been made... Though it's absolutely stunningly gorgeous to look at...
  • Allow us ahhhh I mean teams to run safeties all game in od, but heaven forbid you allow us to catch wide open passes!!! Getting bad ea. I bet my paycheck they fix safety glitch before we can catch ball again!!!! Unreal EA fix it!!!!
  • Where r these EA team members to own up to this garbage of a game! The pre-determined wins and losses are so agreesus it's criminal! Customer support is a joke!
  • I lost 22 matches in a row due to "teleportation" , dropped passes and rediculess sacks! How come my defenders don't run as fast as EA's algarythms?
  • It’s so bad community mangers aren’t responding hmmmmm

    *for the record not I repeat not a call out,,, just an observation
  • This game is totally beyond repair, EA could save a season by bringing back last years version and admitting this one was poor, but they won’t do that because this year is all about taking money from people and not the fun.

    It’s rigged in all aspects of the game, lvl this morning against a slightly weaker team I got owned in both run plays and throwing. Running no yards gained and sacked, it’s blatantly obvious that the opponent was on some kind of boost, throwing was picked or the WR didn’t even bother to catch the ball even wide open. I won’t even go into overdrive because I don’t play it anymore but you all know what a pile of ...... that is!
  • Man I undestand your frustation now, i have 8 passes, in which my WR ovr 91 and my TE ovr 89, simply "thought they were defenders" because they defended the ball by throwing it to the ground.

    Ps: Played unmarked by the defense, all were "lob-pass" against a team with 450 power (I currently own 938 power) and simply managed to complete only 20% of the passes.

  • This post has been up for about a week and we have no comment from EA. Not only is the game broken but the only line of communication is also broken. Not a single reply from EA.
  • I3UI3MAN
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    edited November 2018
    Improving your team is a joke. Wide Open receivers dropping. Interceptions. All garbage


    {EA_Lanna: Profanity removed}
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  • Another stellar game where everything you do doesn’t work. md8w8t8xo4o3.jpeg
  • Can I please get the email address to the person in charge of running Madden. He needs to here it straight from his customers of the problems that are communicated and none of his employees that get paid to perform so called customer service are not doing their jobs and are incompetent. The email address for ea help doesn’t work. No admins on this forum address any concerns that are brought forward.
  • I3UI3MAN
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    edited November 2018
    I’m going to keep posting these until the issue is addressed. More dropped passes, interceptions, no running. I even raised my overall power by adding level 90 players through auction on my defense. Still no reply's

  • Fix this game +3 in this one.

  • EA_David
    308 posts EA Community Manager
    If you can get a video clip of any particularly egregious dropped wide open passes, can you post it? If you attach your UID to the post that will help too. I'd also be interested in which play was used, if you can capture that too.

    An image of your OVR and the final score isn't really anything we can work with, unfortunately.
  • 7jywifrrgc52.jpeg

    I can’t believe not a single thing has been adressed on this issue. I was a plus 5 and players are dropping passes. 93 overall Matt Ryan over throwing a wide open 97 Calvin Johnson. I am not posting a video, video because I have to record every match. We have stated a problem and your developers who made this game need to figure it out. EA is stealing people’s money and it an absolute shame that this game is complete garbage. I never had an issue with any Madden game Mobil or console until this game came out. Again it falls on deaf ears and we just have to live with it.
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