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EA need to fix this

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This game is literally the worst its ever been. Madden use to be fun, until people can abuse glitches and animations in the game. How can my opponent get away with catching it in triple coverage 6 times a game with a freaking running back, but when I throw to an open receiver they drop the ball. EA need to fix the glitch where people can get instant pressure blitzing 2 people as long as they hover over the center. Because my whole 90 O-line goes absolutely stupid if there's a player over the center. Deep crossing routes need to be fixed, why are my safeties playing 50 yards downfield when the deepest receiver is only 20 yards from scrimmage? Fix the scum kicking. The list goes on and on, and no one at EA is addressing the issue. You think adding arm tape to Alvin Kamara should come before the game play? ridiculous

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  • EA_Cian
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    Hey there~

    I've edited the thread title so it's a lil bit more civil. That said! I get you're frustrated, let's try and get more details. For example - the O-line issue you mention, what's happening when they go "absolutely stupid"? That kinda info may help folks better understand the issue.

  • terintelx
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    I have to agree with the sentiment, not the language though. There are some laughable situations in the game where I have run 30+ plays and not one person can get open or catch a ball, against a team that is rated 10 or 20 overall below me. Some things need to be readdressed for in-game play to have a more realistic game. It’s not very fun or challenging when it’s impossible to beat some teams no matter the call or the formation or the coverage, we need to have more realistic expectations for the game
  • @ A_Cian Yeah so my opponent can only blitz TWO players, but if he hovers over the center, my guards and center just don't block anyone. Meanwhile I am sending 4 or 5 and they have 14 to 16 seconds in the pocket
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