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Market Issue/Idea

I recently obtained enough Video Reels to purchase a player. When I was attempting to do so, a Video player was selected without me actually/intentionally picking that player. This was a waste of the 1,000 Reels that I saved and purchased with real money.

Had there been a confirmation button within the market, this would not have happened as I could have chose to not finalize the incorrect purchase.

I have been told by EA that there is nothing they can do for me and that they can’t remove the unwanted/incorrect player from my account. Adding a confirmation button would ensure that players aren’t charged resources for items they didn’t actually want.


  • Guys, i have a problem with this event. I got 8k food and all requirments for DT Aaron Donald but looks like my storr freezed 2 days ago. I was writing to ea service for 3 days and they cant fix this. As you see on this screenshots i have 12k food and all needed, but still cant get him gp8fjsfswyss.png
    U nrz9sh3fmkju.png
  • I have started collecting for safety James, but dont wanna spend more blitz tokens and coins if i cant get any of them.. anyone can help me? P.S. Already done all things like cleaning cash memory and reinstall game
  • EA_David
    308 posts EA Community Manager
    @MilosAntic37 You need to exchange the Food Items, then they will count towards the unlock requirements. It'll also give you some food currency to spend towards upgrading him/getting another player.

    @Psyckadelik Thank you for the feedback, that's a very reasonable request. Sorry that support weren't able to help, unfortunately we don't have tools for such a situation.
  • Look at the right upper angle of the screenshot. I have 12k food. Also i have 5 deep fried turkies, but it shows like i have 0/5
  • @EA_David Look at the right upper angle of the screenshot. I have 12k food. Also i have 5 deep fried turkies, but it shows like i have 0/5
  • Psyckadelik
    2 posts Member
    edited November 2018
    @EA_David Is there anything at all that can be done about my situation? It is very disheartening to have that happen, especially when real money was involved.

    Also, I have another question/request in regards to stats. Should I ask in this thread or should I put it in a separate thread?
  • EA_David
    308 posts EA Community Manager
    @Psyckadelik Unfortunately we don't have any tools to revert the purchase, or remove players& regrant reels, sorry.
    If you have a stats question, a new thread is probably best.

    @MilosAntic37 You need to exchange the Turkeys, and they'll then count towards your total.
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