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320 Capt Points

How does someone get 320 captain points?


  • azedek36
    89 posts Member
    edited November 2018
    This is simple, probably your opponent owns the Newton captain with the lvl 15 ~ 16, and is using the coach Rivera until lvl 13.

    I say this because this coach has a rule (that was active in that game) that each yard run by QB or WR is added 1.5 pts to the player's score (as you can see in the bottom of the screenshot).

    So if the play is a run with the QB for 40 yards, and the Newton reaching his bonus in this play, the score would be as follows:

    40 yds x 2 points for each rushing yard = 80 points
    Touchdown points = 60 points
    Captain Bonus (Newton lvl 15 ~ 16) = 120 points
    40 yds x Rule of 1.5 pts for each rushing yard, by QB or WR (Coach Rivera) = 60 points
    Final Score of this play = 320 points

    Ps: Of course this is what I conclude, without checking the final score, which shows who is the captain and coach of the opponent. I ask you to make sure your opponent has the coach and the captain on these levels.
  • I was winning by 200 points until the last play of the game. It never tallied the 320 until the end. I believe the coach was Rivera. It is just weird that I have never scored that many points. And I have a maxed Madden and Matt Stafford.
  • Unfortunately, this season, a very complex score has been adopted, in which we sometimes need to do the math to understand how it came to that. Yesterday, for example, I did a TD running for 60 yards with Captain Kamara, and I made 600 points, because of the + 200% rule in the running yards. Basically and, one move I changed the destination of the match.

    Anyway, the score is being correctly applied, I just do not think it's cool to have to figure it out to understand why it was applied, hopefully next year, they'll simplify that.
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