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What happen EA? Retouching the stats of the players with out say nothing?

55 posts Member
edited December 2018
DEMARCUS WARE, from Legends. l had that player and had to convert that 88 ovr card due to extra-low stats. And now boom! you change the stats highly. and dont say me contact with EA support because they say post here, due to they close the cases with out help. at least for me, when dissapeared 2 of my players what l posted in the auction house looooong months ago, sending many emails asking help and your replyes was allways dodging the issue until l give up (l have all the emails keeped, and l can provide all the info)
so double conplaint.
But the important message is YOU CANT to do that kind of things. Change the stats of a player because yes?


  • SuperfineDig71
    55 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    And any admin will reply... EA support dont help... So let this post pass, no? OMG, l cant belive. I have spent more than 1.000€ in this game and look the behavior of this company. INSANE
  • EA_David
    308 posts EA Community Manager
    The low Ware stats were in error, the change was made to bring him into line where he should have been.

    There's info on what happened to the card in this quote

    "It has to do with archetypes and how they weight certain stats. Some of the old archetypes weigh too heavily on too few stats (in this instance his OVR almost entirely comes from BKS and PWM).

    We created new archetypes that allow a much better distribution of stats, but unfortunately when they made that Ware card they used the old archetype. Our best man /u/EA_Goss is currently at work fixing the card and it should be updated soon."

  • SuperfineDig71
    55 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    Ok. Error of the game, refund me all the badges what l spent. Legends LB, is normal go directly to upgrade. How can l noticed all the stats less 3 was over 70? there are info in a note in internet, not in the game. and is your duty warn
  • Hey superfine, When a company only makes tens of millions of dollars of profit on a game they don't have enough money for things like quality checks to make sure what they're putting out there actually works in a game and when they find their own error ( that's a joke they don't actually find their own errors tens of thousands of people like us complain for weeks or months at a time and then maybe something might happen) the only person to pay for that is the user and it doesn't matter how much money time or effort was spent by the user it only matters that the company corrected it and the user can go pound sand or go play another game because the company has so much money it doesn't matter to them.

    If you don't believe me just wait and see if you ever get those Legend trophies back or any response from EA regarding trying to make it right for you, the consumer, the user, the person who spends time, money and energy.
  • MORE GARBAGE! Keep pushing out the new content. Thank god I didn’t purchase the console version for PS4. This is the first year I havn’t bought it. They should just sell the company to SuperCell.
  • SuperfineDig71
    55 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    They fall by their selves. I doubt anyone will download again Madden Mobile. I hope other football games when Madden restart his game. I saw many proyects for 2019 of other companies for football games
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  • Lots of guys in my league have quit. They tumble weekly. At least 1. Alot of it because of price which is way to high and inconsistent gameplay.
  • Same in my league dude, i’m Going soon as it’s unbearable at the moment.
  • bamsouth333
    186 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    Same here... tuff to defend EA,but have to to keep league in order.fair gameplay is to much to ask I guess
  • Did you try restarting the game? Seems like the only viable answer these monkeys can give. Worst technical support for any game I have ever played.
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