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Madden 2k??

Two powerhouses joining forces. I’d like to see Madden 2k20.

Probably wishful thinking though...


  • Yeah I’m right there with you. In order to improve the game they need competion. If NBA can have 2 gaming license then why can’t NFL? EA probably paid more money then should of too box out any other companies to have exclusive licensing deal. So now we have no choice of the quality of game we get.
  • Yes but in order for them to come together to make a quality product madden nfl 2k20 man that has a nice rig to it ... Ea needs to drop the ego.
  • If they come together they would lose money and credibility. I think EA can make a great product if the have the right budget and people in charge of seeing the right agenda for gaming experience and not about the dollar.
  • The heck with that... I wanna see two separate games. Give me options. When I'm bored with one, I'll go play the other.
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    I remembered when ESPN 2K5 came out and all you would hear was "I played 2K5, it doesn't play like Madden. I'm going back to Madden." And I'm like, HELLOOOOOO, it's not Madden!!! Why would want to pay for and play a similar game like Madden? Play 2K5 because it is a different experience, why can't you except that? But, I'm afraid we'll have to listen to idiots all over again. "Duuuude, I tried XYZ NFL xxxx game. Man, it doesn't play like Madden."

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  • I get it, but this wouldn't make the game any better...

    Why? Because look at Madden currently. Read through the posts on the daily about how many glitches exist, and don't get fixed. This game is terribly flawed. I gave my review of this in another thread... The gameplay is atrocious.

    So, even if for some miracle of a chance that this happened, what good would it bring? More puff n fluff, I'm sure. But no improvements to the lacklusting content and gameplay means another mediocre game at best. This is in store for next year. They don't listen to the community, nor do they implement changes that are worth cheering for. Some tweaks here and there, but woo, ok that didn't do much.
  • NOOOOOOOOOOO, you want 2K back but not working with Madden. That's the problem with Madden now. Madden and 2K pushed each other to be better. The improvements between 2000 and 2005 were amazing because of the competition. Now Madden is a fat lazy monopoly that just changes the icing on their pound cake and serves it up each year. I preferred Madden over 2K, but I want 2K back because it made Madden better. Stuff You NFL and your exclusive license you killed competition.
  • I felt Madden 05 looked better an 2k5 was slower and colors wash more washed but it was more realistic
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