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Please fix ranked leaderboard for H2H online

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I don’t know about you but I would like to know how many people who buy the game play the long shot story? Get rid of all those man hours making that and fix the gameplay and leaderboards. So how are the leaderboard so broke. Blank stats ? I only have two slides instead of three which in previous years used to show your current rank. When you look at top 100 it doesn’t show W-L. It shows streaks and PG. Is MUT the only thing madden is about these days. I miss the coach glass that had stats and player habits you could watch and adjust. I remember Rex explaining it to me at E3. How things have changed! In 2008 to 2012 you could login to stats Sheet and see everyone’s W-L stats from a PC. It also showed their hot zone percentage and rush and pass. Why not implement that again in app and charge for it. I would buy it. I wish we had wind and weather in ranked matches! Seemed to faze that out. If your using dice engine you can definitely add weather to certain stadiums. Why make a mind blowing game like RDR2 when you can copy and paste and we can just buy coins to stay up on the competition . So many good ideas have been presented to game changers over the years but when they pass it on up the chain to execs .Im sure in there mind it’s what’s going to make us the most money with the wow factor that is something that was in the game at one time and they just put it back in. If your going to make MUT your cash cow that’s fine just give us better gameplay that isn’t patched two months after game release and realistic turf and weather! If battlefield can do it surely you can. I’m guessing all the stuff I’m saying isn’t a priority over coin transactions but you could keep more madden fans and a loyal motivated employee base that keeps there customers happy!
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  • johniewishbone
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    Is my game the only one that has 0 across top when comparing players? Every person I compare to has 0. Please explain or is this broke? Patch this please or just ignore until next game.
  • The compare stats feature in H2H hasn’t worked since the launch. Which is sad since I only play H2H matches and like to see how I compare against the opponent I just played. EA hasn’t even issued a statement about this even though there are tons of forum about this issue.
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    I only play H2H as well! I would like an answer as well! I HATE Mut and I can’t wait until it’s done away with :|
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  • I have had the same problem it’s unbelievable. EA THIS HAS BEEN AN ONGOING PROBLEM FOR YEARS FIX IT!!
  • I havnt seen this working since 18, they don’t care about H2H it’s all about MUT
  • This is happening to everyone
  • Smh not ranked aox1cafjxy5g.jpeg
  • Welcome to the club. I wonder why we even play anymore if we can’t compare our stats to the community or friends! I’ve played over 500 games in last two years and never played MUT or story mode. I would like to know the percentage of madden gamers that play H2H compared to MUT. I haven’t checked but wonder if there ranking system is messed up too? I would gues no seeing the focus on that due to its revenue pull.
  • I hate Mut I don’t want a team full of Former players! I only play H2H for the Gladiator aspect of The ranking system....Please fix it :|
  • Please put legend goat vip1 on top of the regular h2h leaderboard in madden 20 👏🏻😡😠
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