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LB interceptions

I’ve only played 2 games in the last Week or so but it seems to me that EA finally addressed the LB 50 foot jump interceptions. I know because I’ve had 2 to float over my head.


  • Not so, play against the CPU and you'll see they are still there.
  • LB ability on this game is just one of many things that makes the game a B grade, cartoon mockery of actual football.

    If a LB drops underneath a slant route or a dig route and picks one, I can live with that. That's typically how LBs get picks that aren't off of tipped passes.

    But in Madden, they get this superhuman ability to snag passes that are intended for a post pattern where the intended target is 16-20 yards downfield. Now, a Tampa 2 MLB that's getting depth to 12-16 yards is one thing, but a LB that's only about 8 yards deep is just silly Mickey Mouse garbage.

    How many times in a real NFL game, do we even see one of these LBs so much as get a hand on these types of passes, much less leap 6 feet off the ground and pick it off? Never. That's how often that happens. This is a combination of Madden's trash magic, and poor design when it comes to ball trajectory.

    But the jankiest thing about LB play comes from the turbo-try-hard user LB that can play the run and cover three receivers simultaneously. Here are a couple of the most terrible examples of this...

    The first one can actually be seen in a video here in the forums in their plays of the week, week 1 thread. Lb comes hard to the LoS and suddenly bails out and manages to recover to about 8 yards depth, and mind you, with his back to the QB AND the ball in mid flight, he manages to catch a pass intended for the slot receiver that's either running a seam or post pattern. Back to the ball, without even looking, LB manages to make a Willie Mays at the warning track type catch.

    Now this one is one of the worst, if not the worst Sylvester and Tweety examples of cartoon garbage. Let's say the offense is showing Trips left, TE right, Gun formation.

    TE and Inside slot are going to run drag routes that cross each other 3-4 yards deep. #2 slot is running a post, widest split end is running a slant.

    1. LB jumps the TE drag, as the Inside slot drag crosses the TE, QB throws to slot drag. LB that was running full turbo to his right, somehow has the ability to completely reverse course and be in position to take away the slot drag.
    2. Situation 1 takes place, QB throws to Widest man running the slant in the area just vacated by said LB. LB manages, with hardly any hesitation, to reverse course YET AGAIN and take away the slant.
    3. Both 1 and 2 take place, QB throws the post to a wide open middle of the field, 16-20 yards deep. LB rounds his path from the slant and has the recovery speed to make the magic pick on a ball that should be at least 6 feet over his head.

    Again, this is a combination of Turbo magic agility, poor trajectory design, and complete "ball-hawk" (bull-hockey) garbage.

    Jesus Christ can't help you hit a curve ball, and he sure as heck can't play Linebacker like that. The game is stoooopid.

  • You said it Coach. I find it hilariously ironic that AI controlled LBs are superhuman freaks, but when I play a LB and try to blitz my guy moves like he's plodding through mud. I had a great one today where my TE breaks on a corner route off a play action. I give enough time to see the LB stop and watch the RB coming out in the flats and loft a ball to the TE. The LB covers 5 yards without turning around and barely moving his feet leaps and deflects the pass. I could have chewed the thumbs off an EA developer I was so furious. OK maybe just growled at him.
  • first thing I study is CPU interception skills what they can and cannot intercept because most people don't activate.
  • doody5047
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    They will never change anything until we as consumers stop buying the game, all we do is go on the forum and complain but still play, once we start effecting they $$$ That’s when we will see change in the game play
  • Even though its mainly linebackers who are jumping 10 feet in the air to pick the ball, you also see way too many corners do it too, especially on posts where the corner is completely out of position to make the play in the first place. NFL teams do not blitz on every down cause good teams will burn them. In previous Madden games, there were reliable blitz beaters. Madden 19? Not so much. This game too often allows a user to blitz but then recover and pick a pass that should be inhumanly possible to do.

  • One of my favorites is how my QB will routinely throw low and behind the receiver. With the rare exclusion of a back shoulder throw, you simply don't throw low and behind. That's usually where the guy chasing the receiver is. You'd think Drew Brees, or Aaron Rodgers would know this but Nooooooooo.
  • JacobSF80
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    It’s all animation based, that’s why. The rng (random number generator) in the game decided to give you the throw behind. It decided that you cannot throw that pass when you press the button because ea feels that a certain amount of passes go off target no matter how good a qb is. This is why it’s easier to do fading crossers because the separation means the cb cannot have a rng roll at affecting the pass. Like I said it doesn’t matter if you lead with the stick it’s just a rng animation that has a chance to happen on all these types of tight plays “ea this ish is lame”
  • JacobSF80
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    Same thing with ints and tips that turn into ints. The ball and players physics such as mass and weight don’t matter. What matters is if your player is able to get the animations. Of course the higher the stats, the more generous the animations. It doesn’t matter that the wr is running a deep post route or an outside route with a cb shading inside or a linebacker playing closer to the tackle, but is able to affect the slot wr route by running with the wr or play underneath for the pick near the line ( when in real life those would be mismatches all day). The animations will force the wr to run alongside the cb or run into the path of the dropping cb. Also why a cb can cover 2 wrs on cover 3. he is working within the animation striking distance of 2 players in most instances. Which means he can somehow miraculously sense that the ball has left the qbs hands, break off his man and make a diving tip or int to the nearest receiver. While we all know that this is damn near impossible it’s because of animation domination
  • It’s the first time I’ve ever seen the game 60% off so I’m guessing sales are down. So maybe will get a decent game next year.
  • Well, put it this way. In Madden 17 & 18, I had played about 400 head to head online games by Christmas. I have 208 so far in Madden 19 and its not just Fortnite to blame.
  • DyeusVita
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    Ya it’s an inherently flawed game. Threw 8 picks in a game to a kid looking over my shoulder flat footed off of every snap & faced in the wrong direction yet he would make up ground faster than the ball would travel
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