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Champ Bailey upgrade lost thousands in training and gold. Bugged. Needs to be made right

So I did the Champ Bailey solos, spent the 4-5k of snow (after the upgrade tokens I might add) and then I put Chems on him aka 75 training for 3xld, 2500 for sprint x2, and 600 for p6.

I added the card to the power up card, and poof it was gone. 3200 training out the window.

So I decided to take the card out and remove the chems in hope of adding them after I powered up the card.

So that cost me 15,100 or so coin. When the 96 Forever legend came out, it had the chems so I took them off (I did it in the way where you click on the chem itself and it cost 50 and you can re-add it for 50 cause it says you already own it). So it said I owned the Chems, I added the power up card

Spending another 4500 in training to get him up to 96 ready for the card (5k of snow and 4500+ training and another 3k+ training for 1 card...…………….)

And of course the chems were not there.

So I had to Purchase 3x LD for 75 Chem, re-add the Denver Chem for 50 coin, re-purchase 2x sprinter for 2500, and repurchase p6 for 600 more training...…….And then update his new ability slot.

So FYI You owe me 15,300 in coins, 75 training and 50 gold for the x3LD, 2500 training for Sprint x2, and another 600 training for P6.


  • If I were to do this for Tony G. I assume it would be the same nonsense. Ignoring the fact you have a convicted felon and dog murdering maniac who tortured animals for the 3rd "forever Legend" who in reality should be a gold card.
  • O and the PS2 graphic on the card is horrible, mothball that stuff.
  • Moonreaver11
    392 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    O and I forgot, I had to quicksell a 92 card to get the training back I needed. 2 Cards for that training was 400kish worth of coin with training being high right now.

    So just to reiterate. 1 92 card is on me. The other 92 card was a full Legend R. Barber.

    So all in all my account needs to be credited

    #1 75 training for x3 LD
    #2 2500 training for sprinter x2.
    #3 180k in coins for a 92 I purchased to get 4500 training to do this
    #4 600 training for P6.
    #5 150 gold to remove each chem
    #6 15,000+ gold to remove the Madden Forever card to check the chems (They were still there)
    #7 75 Training to re-add LD x3.
    #8 2500 training for Sprinter x2 rep-add
    #9 600 training to repurchase P6.
    #10 The 92 overall Full Legend R. Barber, or 200k to purchase a new one.

    So in total you owe me


    around 400k coins. Or 200k coins and a 92 legend barber card, Either or does not matter to me.
  • Are you guys serious? This is ALWAYS the way it has worked. You can't upgrade a "piece" of a card that goes into the powerup and expect that stuff to stay. That's why you should NEVER ever invest in a base card that you plan on putting into a powerup...you want to do the chems, abilities, etc on the powerup. Those things you spent on are attached to the 96 Champ Bailey, not the powerup.
  • Yes I am serious, I do it all the time without issue. It bugged out.
  • Don't forget the "Base Card" already was a powered up Legend, and the new card was added into it.
  • You should know better. You can't chem a base card and stick it in a PU card and keep the chems. You only chem the PU card. Been that way since the game started.
  • I have never had an issue of removing the chem for 50 gold and then re-adding it
  • And regardless it is something easily fixable and the chems should never poof in the first place.

    And considering I have given them over 10 grand on this game alone, I think they could give me a few training and gold back.
  • Moonreaver11
    392 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    FYI for those who do not know, you can click on a chem that you have, it will ask "Do you want to remove this chem for 50 gold" You click yes.

    That chem remains in your inventory, and you can simply re-add it with 50 gold. I have done it hundreds of time with Chemistry making sure I have 30/30/30 across the board on offense and defense.

    The chemistry you already bought will say "owned" and it stays on the card inventory.
  • Its stupid to have to upgrade a card to put toward an upgrade card. Just as a couple of examples, Rising Star Mahomes, and now Ghost Tony G.? Also, if a card is upgraded and has to be put toward a power-up, then those upgrades should be fully refundable.

    It's never enough for EA. Yeah I knew better because I am familiar with their greed and then vagueness in explanation as one of their tactics to bilk as much as they can from people. New people wouldn't know any better.

    People should know better than to egg on other people, that are already aggravated, on the forum. But I guess that's not outlined in their little forum rules.

    I knew from jump street that this power up and purchasable chemistry thing wasn't for our enjoyment, but just another way for them to line their pockets. Especially considering the difference between chemmed and power up players, and stock player cards is pretty negligible. Combine that with the fact that people can just spam up the cheese exploits, and I see no reason to pay for anything extra other than a few players from my favorite team.

    I thought at first, since the base chems like balanced O and D were just owned outright and could be applied across the board to guys that I purchased the chem slot, that it wasn't too bad. Then I realized (on my own because it wasn't specifically spelled out) that the other chems had to be purchased for each individual player and then I was wise to their hustle.

    At the end of the day it's just a matter of what people are willing to settle for and how long they can go until they're surpassed by the Joneses or there is a huge differential in 'talent' level. I improve my team where I can and where I feel the need, but other than that I just stack cards and coins in anticipation of when every position has 99 OVRs available.

    It wouldn't hurt my feelings if they discontinued MUT altogether. It's definitely not worth the extra money imo. I only play it because it's the literally the only thing fresh and new about the game. Then there is all that was lost in terms of development and advancement. I think about how far the game could have come by now if the majority of their efforts weren't geared toward Ultimate Scheme.
  • Mahalo Coach!
  • Plus his stats don't go up when added to his POWER up card. His OVR goes up, but his STATS stay the same. 65s2x3y0pmke.jpg
  • His stats coverage stats go up when powered. Just not speed, accel, and agility
  • Still not a peep on this. Over 5,000 dollars Spent in December alone, and I cannot even get the courtesy of an acknowledgement.
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