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Is Madden a Simulation - Your Thoughts.

Madden Fails to be a simulation. It used to be, but not anymore. This version of Madden is littered with poor programming by people who are either too lazy to code the game well or are just so completely ignorant of the game of football that they should be programming a new version of angry birds. Makes me wonder if any of the programmers played the game once before it was released.

Here are my list of examples;

1. Glitchy movement of players – You feel like you have no control. I try to blitz with a LB and he walks slowly forward in the “Strafe” motion.

2. No realism in certain tackles and inertia is broken. – I am running the ball with Mark Ingram (power back) and I am chased down from behind and grabbed by a DB. I instantly stop moving the second he touches me. That is physically impossible. A DB running at 21 MPH hit a RB running at 20 MPH in the back and yet they don’t move forward a foot. That’s stupid and lazy programming.

3. Ridiculous Interceptions/Stupid Completions - Here is a clue for your people. When a player makes a bad passing decision, he should generally be punished. When he makes a good passing decision, he should generally be rewarded. NOT SO IN THIS GAME! I have had multiple passes picked off when I throw to an open man thanks to an impossible speed burst or a leaping LB picking off a pass he shouldn’t get close to. I’m playing with Drew Brees and the Saints. You know Drew right? Arguably the most accurate passer in the history of football. Well the Madden Drew can’t lead a receiver to save his life. He can have an open guy running to an open spot on the field and yet he throws it behind the receiver so it can be picked off by a LB who is already beaten on coverage. Terrible. But wait, it gets better – after punishing me for making a good pass you reward me for making a terrible one. I throw deep to a well covered Michael Thomas and he makes the catch. He is double covered and yet he catches the ball. This happens in real football but rarely. It seems you are so focused on the spectacular that you ignore reality. Reward my good passes with completions and punish my bad ones with deflections or INTs. None of your programmers have ever played football have they?

4. Blocking – Time and time again I watch as my run blockers literally run passed a LB or DL. I got it they missed a block, but how about some interaction. Have some contact and the OL just lose. No you lazy bums just have him run by him like he’s Forrest Gump. Terrible. I’ve had to watch my FB run by people avoiding them like he has the ball and not lead blocking.

5. Coverage is awful and unrealistic. I get beat time and time again because safeties in deep coverage do nothing. OK I get it you want the other team to do well, but make it look more realistic you goons. When the WR breaks on a post route the safety should react at some point. He’s a professional right? He’s played this position before today right? Every NFL player has played football before right? When you see the WR break inside the S should start his break the same way. Not give him fifteen yards before he reacts. ROUTINELY this happens.

6. When playing earlier I had broken free on a run with Alvin Kamura (HB SPD 89) and I was ran down from behind by DE Zach Moore (RE SPD 78). That’s screaming Bull Spackle. I mean seriously, WHY would you program that in the game. In a simulation a man who runs a 4.5 Forty yard dash doesn’t get ran down by a man with a 4.8 Forty yard dash time. I mean your programmers must know math right?

7. On a pass play while playing defense I watched my AI controlled OLB Alex Anzalone watch the tight end run by him in Man to Man coverage. I mean LITERALLY he spun in place and watched him go by him and didn’t pursue until the tight end was completely passed. Now when I would attempt this throw the LB who had blown coverage would jump up and swat a ball that was underthrown (It is almost ALWAYS underthrown), but no my LB watches a perfectly thrown pass go right over his head and bang 3rd and 13 turns into a first down. Why EA???? Does that sound like a realistic simulation? I guess it isn’t a fair question since the closest your programmers have ever gotten to a football field is taking pictures for the “realistic” stadiums in the game.

8. Lastly, here is one that has plagued me for years …. Diving does not make you travel faster. You realize that simple laws of speed and velocity dictate this right? It extends your reach, but DOES NOT affect your speed. So quit making it a fake turbo boost to have defensive players reach my ball carrier after I’m passed them.

In closing thanks for the Laziest most pathetic version of Madden I have seen in a decade. I have an idea for you. Go back to the software you had for Madden 2005, and give it modern graphics and today’s roster. BOOM, you’ll have the best Madden ever and you won’t have to do much work.

My opinion, NO it's not a simulation until it goes back to realistic game play.


  • You forgot to mention that Madden 19 literally DEFIES GRAVITY. Glad I'm not the only one who metioned this. I don't care if they get rid of ease of difficulty, me and many football fans want realistic gameplay. EA should go back to the drawing board.
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  • No way. Not in the slightest. The only thing I disagree with you on is that I don't think it's a matter of laziness. I think the cartoon comic book gameplay is completely intentional.

    I'm going to coin this as "Please the Cheese" Because only cheese goons could be thrilled with the current product.

    You hit the nail right on the head when it comes to physics. You just forgot to mention how the stupid hit stick gives a 5'9" 175lb corner, the uncanny ability to send guys like Walter Payton and Jerome Bettis flailing through the air and on their back.

    The most realistic part of this game is all of the jibber jabber between plays and stupid TD celebrations. Maybe the lousy officiating too. Although I think the real NFL refs do a pretty decent job.

    I'll be back to this thread. Because I can go on for days on this subject.

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    There are definitely problems with Madden 19 even with tons of patches that Ea has released. I have played the game since 1989 Madden for SEGA GENESIS. I have enjoyed the whistles and bells but the game has become less fun. I guess I'm too much old school but I enjoy playing with my skills against an human opponent in a ranked game and actually have fun. Playing Madden online ranked is a game of who knows the most glitches. That will usually be the winner of the match. I'm having to watch A LOT of YouTube Madden channels to even keep up with these youngsters. I would like Ea to correct that nasty disconnect glitch. That one hurts the most.

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  • Good Points to Malcom and Coach. Coach I'm an old schooler like you. I go back even further playing Madden on the Commodore 64 (Boom let a youngster look that up).

    The Key to Madden in the early days was realism. Now it seems to be gone. I'm still going with Laziness Coach, EA no longer has 2K applying competition. They have a monopoly on football thanks to the NFL exclusive license. Without competition the product gets sloppy because they are going to sale anyway.
  • Oh I have another one that burns my biscuits. How many time have you had to dump the ball to the RB coming out of the backfield only to have him catch it just as he goes out of bounds. No gain or 1 yard. How many times have you seen that route used in the NFL and gain 10 or more yards thanks to a good RB. SHHHTUUUPID!

    And today I nearly threw my controller through my new 55" TV. I'm running an inside dive play from a 2 TE tight I formation. The AI had men inside so I had to audible to a toss play. I get outside with both my FB and the Pulling Guard leading the block. I had a TE playing in the WR slot and he's got a good block on the CB. I got a big run....but wait. My pulling Guard cuts back inside and ignores the SS coming right at me. The FB stops and goes back inside as well. Neither of these paint licking idiots touch anyone. I get held up by the SS and the two LBs finish me off. Neither of my blockers touched anyone during the play. Find me a regular season NFL game where that happens. Run blocking is terrible.
  • Good Points to Malcom and Coach. Coach I'm an old schooler like you. I go back even further playing Madden on the Commodore 64 (Boom let a youngster look that up).

    The Key to Madden in the early days was realism. Now it seems to be gone. I'm still going with Laziness Coach, EA no longer has 2K applying competition. They have a monopoly on football thanks to the NFL exclusive license. Without competition the product gets sloppy because they are going to sale anyway.

    That was literally what I was about to say a few days ago! They have no competition at all, this is why they are still making money.
  • Guys the problem is Madden, like NBA 2K is made now for e - sports and tourney play and not for sim gamers that is why there is three difficulty settings in terms of game play. Watching games on Twhich and playing them online its done through competitive mode, which is alright, but the realism and fabric of the game is lost to us the hard core fans of Madden. I am of the thought process that soon sim mode could out of the game as we have come to know it as sim gamers.

    What I would like to see EA do is get rid of the modes and other settings and go with the NBA Live model of making a balance game in terms of sliders and setting and have gameplay dictated by players ratings, strategy, and stick skills. In watching the Madden Classic all the players were great. but I would lie to have seen how players react to penalties and other issues that come up in a game. As a person who has spent over 20 years buying and playing this game, EA has to live up to their famous tag line "Its in the game".
  • I think at its core it is, but it fails when you get to their animations layered over top
  • Good Point JohnBro, but the sad truth is that they won't change anything toward they way we agree it should be. We are the Dinosaurs and they are designing now for the 13 year old that will be their next customer base. "We'll expand the Longshot story and it's game play. Hire some former Disney stars to voice act but while we are doing this we won't have time to develop a realistic blocking scheme or have intuitive AI that makes play calling effective."
  • CoachDub25_2
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    My short list: -Tackling physics
    -Stumbling (but for some reason, only the guy with the ball can stumble)
    - Lack of AI, Lack of parody.
    -Zone coverages and defenders not reacting to either guys in their area, or the ball in the air, or both.
    -Warp tackles, warp block sheds, warp pass break-ups.
    -Hit stick tackles that don't wrap up but are 100% effective.
    -Fumbles are way too common.
    -Spin move as an elusive maneuver in open space.
    -Lock down blocking on kick returns.

    I can go on and on. And I'll elaborate when I have time.

    I'm not saying that laziness isn't a factor. Lord knows with these millennials. I'm just saying that somewhere in their offices and within the team that makes the game, has to be a group of goobers that live for the cheese. And apparently they win out when things come down to a vote, otherwise the company wouldn't put out a product that is kiddie comic book garbage, year after year.

    If they are designing it for these so called E-sports, then they need to do society a favor and just stop. E-sports is an oxymoron in and of itself. IDK bout anybody else, but I can barely play this game for an hour without realizing how unenjoyable it has become. Last thing I'm ever going to do is watch people play video games on TV. That means I'm just a day away from guzzling a jug of drain cleaner to put me out of my misery.

    E sports probably isn't a good thing. The last thing we need in this country is more obesity, diabetes, and vitamin D deficiency. Its like pawn stars and swamp people on the History channel. I see E-sports on ESPN and I just cringe at the direction we are headed in.

    Look at the progress this game made in its first 10 years, and then compare that to the stagnation it has suffered for these last 10. I used to love Madden football and could play entire seasons of my franchise in 2-3 days. But it got to the point where I had to force myself to play realistically. Because spamming cheeseball exploits became something that wasn't fun for me. I think puberty had something to do with that.

    In relation to the capabilities that they have now, compared to what they had to work with 20 years ago, I'd rate Madden 19, a 3 on a simulation scale of 1 to 10. To where I'd have probably rated Madden 99, a 7.
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  • madden is not a simulator for 1 simple reason. everyone runs the same cheese plays. plays that work for NE should not work for NYG. people you tube madden for cheese play. people lab for cheese plays. instead of matching skills with their opponent.
  • Great Comments Coach, you and I would have played Madden 99 all day side by side laughing and had a great time, but we came from the last generation that didn't require a network to be social! HA.
  • JacobSF80
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    No, this is why you’ve never seen a ball get thrown over the hands of a lb to the point he tips the ball but the ball continues on its altered trajectory, it’s becase the animation doesn’t exist in the game! That’s what dominates madden is whether your players stats are able to get the rng roll for the animation required to affect the play. for example Deion has a good chance at getting a diving tip at a ball that was meant for a wr he was not covering not because he saw the play before or recognized it from earlier in the game. It’s because he has the stats to get to the spot and then gets a chance at rng rolling an int or the tip animation.

    Like i said it’s not based on a bad placement or bad read it’s just overpowered stats combined with a better chance at better animations. Has nothing to do with physics or AI that adapts. It’s all about if you have your player is in position to get a generous animation. It’s also why it’s easier to scramble and throw a deep crosser. Because the cb has almost no chance of getting a rng roll, as they do not adapt and crossers allow people to chuck it to the same spot where lbs can’t get jump animations.... walaaa you just found a way out of both rng and animations. What they should be doing is actually making agressive and diving catches/ ints, almost only available to..you kno.. good pass catchers, not every lb playing zone in the game! But hey what do I know

  • Proof animations are what scripts gameplay
  • the game has lost it's identity due to certain restrictions from the nfl/nflpa they are forced to fill up stadiums for losing teams in franchise mode meaning the owner mode makes no sense with marketing sell etc. That's available on the game

    Injury's they only have like 6 type in the game removing concussions from the game due to the fact ppl was getting worried about head injuries

    Season stats don't even add up
    Christian McCaffrey just broke a record with 103 catches yet in the s simulator season he might only average half of that scrambling QB don't even run in those games

    Only a jar full of players have likeness

    Just a money mut thing

    Long shot a waste of space

  • rothnal78
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    As a franchise qb only player i agree. The games just mut trash. Stats dont matter. Height doesnt matter. Speed doesnt matter. All that that said the "competitive ai" is the worst. I score you score stuff
    has to stop. 3 seconds to half.... they score 13 points. Look at stats and no turn overs. No time outs. No onsides. No scores on their side period. Yet...... a magical 13 points appear. Pre determined games suck. No matter what i do i lose. Restart a couple times suddenly i win. I hate this game so much in its current form. Up a score? Drop 3 passes with scripted sacks and 10 pts no one can explain. Screen play? Dont bother. Instant sack. Play action? Dont bother instant sack. I have interceptions turned off... still throw 2 a game to 30ft jumping lbs a game. Worst madden ever. I wont butmy another as long as mut is a thing. The only thing they care about is a loot box cash grab with mut.
  • Dont forget the only updates you get are kareem hunt looks more like a abuser updates.
  • JacobSF80 wrote: »

    Proof animations are what scripts gameplay
    I literally saw a similar video to this by the same channel but the difference was that the ball went through the defender's hand into the offensive player's hand. It is ridiculous and unrealistic.
  • More Evidence the developers for EA are garbage!!! Thanks for trashing my favorite sports game and rewarding my loyalty with this junk.
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