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Madden 20 disscussion

This is not a wishlist i just want to talk bout madden 20 EA please focus on franchise and gameplay please go back and look at madden 07 and u can see all the players had to fight for the ball everyone is covered the franchise needs a huge overhaul i love madden and i love franchise but it frustrated me that everyone not covered or not fighting for the ball im not trying to disrespect ea i love ea i respect them but we all madden lover who play franchise wants good gameplay and good franchise mode please listen to ur fans i understand that there funds and rules from the nfl i understand but we want good gameplay and a new franchise where we can enjoy please listen to ur fans


  • Speck up and express ur frustration its time we get good product
  • Yeah I’m not 100%sure but I think that’s why Rex left EA was because he was tired of fighting with different parts of the team in the focus of the game and the community always giving him greif on the reasoning behind year to year game mechanic changes. When ever I asked him about issues he was honest and recognized there was problem or fail instead of making excuses or acting like it’s not a big deal. I’m huge fan of Madden I just wish EA would mature and make a good product on time and off better simulation experience. Just like every game this year has offered a dance to sell it. I find it weird that most of the fortnite celebrations are in Madden and the NFL jerseys are in fortnite but at least fortnite has leaderboard and mechanics that work as much as I hate that game the product has value because it works. I hope madden 20 has a lot changes for the better.
  • Franchise doesnt make millions. Mut does. Franchise will never get love. Madden needs 2k competition or youll get garbage like 2019 every year.
  • That why we need to stand up to EA and get them to Lovr franchise
  • I agree Franchise Franchise Franchise. The game mode that made Madden what it is today. Also we need a better create a player system. Take a look at Fight Night, or NBA 2k and follow that model.
    P.S. Get rid of Longshot because it is useless and nobody I know plays that mode at all, bring back the 2006 Superstar instead. Everybody I know played that one.
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